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UFC 70 Thoughts and Commentary

With UFC 70 and it’s shocking main event upset settling into my head for a day now it’s time for me to jot down some random and not-so-random thoughts I’va had about the fights we saw and what we can expect next:

  • First off, word is that Cro Cop is indeed ok after being KO’d. For those who didn’t see the problem was not the kick itself but when he blacked out his knee and ankle twisted under him very awkwardly.After regaining consciousness he made no mention of being in pain going so far as to walk out of the ring without assistance. If anything does come from this I’ll be sure to pass it on.
  • I was orignally hoping for a CroCop/Couture matchup for the heavyweight title but after thinking about the possibility of a Couture/Gonzaga matchup I think this will be very good bout. Couture takes his opponents to the mats and controls the fight from the mount while Gonzaga is versed in submissions. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out come match time.
  • Andrei Arlovski didn’t look impressive in his win as neither fighter pressed the action. The biggest question I have is whether he will have another tune up bout before taking on the winner of Couture vs. Gonzaga.
  • We learned nothing from Michael Bisping’s jobber win over Elvis Sinosic. Biggest question on my mind is why does the UFC keep inviting this guy back. He’s not 8-10-2 and 1-6 in the UFC. I personally don’t think he’s worthy of an invite back until he goes on a streak that makes it worth all of our time to watch his fights.
  • I was surprised the UFC didn’t show the Lyoto Machida vs. David Heath bout on Spike. The fight wasn’t anything great (far from it) but I was still surprised. I was glad that they inserted Terry Etim’s win over Matt Grice instead. Etim looks like he could truly make a splash in the lightweight division.
  • I think this event was very successful overall and definately earned the UK another UFC event. UFC 72 on Spike will be good as well (isn’t all free MMA) but I just don’t see it living up to this event simply because the big names aren’t on the card.


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