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“The Ultimate Fighter 7” Episode 4 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter 7After a quick recap of last weeks win by Team Forrest’s Jesse Taylor we see the beginnings of a feud between Team Forrest’s Dante Rivera and Team Rampage’s Matthew Riddle. Though it remains harmless on this weeks episode it’s hinted that the animosity might grow down the road. We’ll know soon enough…

The prevailing thought is that Patrick Schultz, who was recalled to replace the infected Paul Bradley last week, will be matched up with Rivera in this weeks match. Instead, Team Forrest’s top pick, Tim Credeur, will face Riddle in the second opening round bout.

Rivera attempts to get into Riddle’s head with a $500 bet on the fight but Riddle refuses the persistent pressure.

Credeur is 10-2 in his professional career while Riddle is relatively inexperienced with just a few fights under his belt. The experience difference is stressed leading up to the fight and after both fighters make weight it’s time for the bout.

Once the action is underway the pair go back and forth in an exciting opening round bout. Riddle, despite his lack of experience, is winning midway through the second and final round and seems to have the decision win locked up as they stand and trade. Against his coaches’ wishes Riddle takes the fight to the ground with a takedown and despite Jackson’s urging to return to his feet Riddle remains on the ground. Credeur seizes the opportunity and secures an armbar to force Riddle to tap out late in round two.

The win puts Team Forrest ahead 2-0 and they retain control of next weeks matchmaking.


  • Tim Credeur def. Matthew Riddler via submission – Round 2


  • Daniel Cramer
  • CB Dollaway
  • Gerald Harris
  • Jeremy May
  • Brandon Sene
  • Pat Schultz
  • Matthew Riddler (0-1)
    Eliminated by Tim Credeur – Week 4
  • Mike Dolce (0-1)
    Eliminated by Jesse Taylor – Week 3
  • Paul Bradley (0-0)
    Eliminated due to medical issues


  • Jesse Taylor (1-0)
  • Tim Credeur (1-0)
  • Amir Sadollah
  • Matt Brown
  • Cale Yarbrough
  • Dante Rivera
  • Nick Klein
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