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Travis Lutter Cut From The UFC

Travis LutterTravis Lutter, who received a second chance at competing in the UFC after winning The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback, has reportedly been released by the organization due to his back-to-back octagon losses. Lutter made the announcement yesterday via his myspace page:

“Friday afternnon I was told by my manager that UFC matchmaker Joe Silza had left my him a message on his phone that I had been released from my UFC contract because of my 2 losses in a row.”

Spelling errors aside, I think we all get the idea.

Travis Lutter (9-5 MMA, 2-4 UFC), a Brazilian jiujitsu specialist trained by Carlos Machado, fought in a variety of promotions (including the UFC) before entering and winning the 4th season of The Ultimate Fighter, where he submitted Patrick Cote in the finale. Lutter received a six fight contract for his troubles, but has now been cut off only two fights into that contract. Lutter also makes history as the first TUF winner to be released by the UFC.

Travis Lutter also made some news of his own earlier in the week when he responded to fans that had been sending him hate mail, something which obviously did not sit well with the former UFC middleweight:

“Some of them I wrote back, “What have you done? What have you accomplished with your pathetic life?” It’s not a nice thing to say but it just sucks having these guys write to you and say the things that they say. It’s crazy. It really is….People suck. I think it’s amazing. I definitely don’t fight for those people. I fight for me. Use that in your article or not, whatever. But, fans suck.

I think most of them are dumb-ass kids. I’m not saying MMA fans. I’m saying the people that are writing me this shit. I think the average MMA fan rules. They’re following my sport. I like them a lot.

Maybe I shouldn’t even touch on this subject…Whoever is getting hate mail. Kalib Starnes – he got fired from the UFC for his performance. And that was a bad performance. He didn’t fight. Me, I went in there, I tried to kill the guy and I ended up getting beat and I’m getting an amazing amount of hate mail. I don’t understand it from a fighter’s perspective.”

Did Lutter’s comments contribute to his being cut by the UFC? Perhaps. It’s difficult to say since the UFC has made it known that they will be trimming their contract roster down by about fifty fighters, so it’s possible that they just don’t think they have room on their plate for someone like Travis Lutter any more.

While the sudden release surely stings Lutter considering it comes only about a week after his UFC 83 loss, I imagine the guy will still be able find work in one of the many other MMA promotions out there, assuming he wishes to continue fighting professionally of course.


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