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UFC Announces Plans for 2012 Return to Brazil

Lorenzo FertittaWith UFC 134 only days away, the UFC appears to already have its sights set on a 2012 return to Brazil. The UFC will this time be headed to the northwest Brazilian city of Manaus, the capital of Brazilian state Amazonas. UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta announced the news after a meeting with Amazonas Governor Omar Aziz and US Ambassador to Brazil Clifford Sobel.

The UFC will be targeting the Convention Center of Manaus for the 2012 event. The UFC will be looking to shatter its previous attendance records for the event at 100,000 seat arena. The UFC’s current attendance record belongs to UFC 129 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto with over 55,000 in attendance to see Georges St-Pierre defeat Jake Shields.

The venture appears to be more than just another UFC event as the promotion plans to spotlight the city, much like the UFC did when the went to Abu Dhabi.

Governor Aziz was excited about the 2012 event saying to Sherdog “Imagine all those people from all around the world getting to know Manaus and Amazonas,This will build a huge legacy for our city. Jose Aldo and Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza are two great fighters from here, and [the event] will bring more [fan] interest for us. Not long ago, Amazonas was the second-largest jiu-jitsu hotspot in Brazil. We hope to develop partnerships with businessmen and media vehicles to make the show a success.”

While no official date or event name has been issued at this time, the event will likely be one of the larger events in UFC history.

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