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“The Ultimate Fighter” 7 Episode 5 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter 7We open up this week with a brief recap of Team Forrest’s Tim Credeur’s hard fought win over Matthew Riddle last week that pushed his team’s record to 2-0 and allowed them to retain control of picking the fights for the third straight episode. Credeur, a long-time MMA veteran with many fights under his belt, congratulates the younger Riddle on his performance in the fight and offers to purchase him an Xbox 360 when they leave the show.

On the ride back to the house Riddle’s teammate, Jeremy May, criticizes Riddle for receiving a prize despite his losing performance by blurting out “You don’t defend the armbar, and you get an Xbox.” The rest of the team has little to add and May is only getting started with antagonizing the rest of the house.

Back at the TUF house May locks Credeur outside and annoys Jesse Taylor to the point that he throws a Gatorade bottle at him. May’s next move may, in the end, seal his exit from the house as he pours lime juice into Matt Brown’s tobacco chew. Brown is not pleased at the poor attempt at humor and informs May that he is going to pick him in the next fight.

When the fight selection comes down, however, Team Forrest sends Dante Rivera to face off with Team Rampage’s Brandon Sene. It’s another paper mismatch with Rivera having more experience than Sene but the bout is quickly underway and the paper matchups go out the window. Both rounds are very close with Rivera controlling the pace of the fight with takedowns and ground control though Sene appears to do more damage throughout the duration. The fight could go either way and the judges call for a third and decisive round.

In the final round it’s more of the same as Rivera controls the pace of the fight while Sene connects with more strikes but in this bout it’s the “octagon control”, and not damage, that earns Rivera the decision victory, albeit a very controversial one. Coach Quinton Jackson can’t beleive Sene lost the fight and loses his cool and flips furniture in the dressing room in anger and disbelief. Unfortunately for Team Rampage the motivation is too little, too late and the team is now down 0-3 in the middleweight competition and Team Forrest retains the fight selection for the next bout.

As the show wraps up one of next week’s two bouts is announced and, as promised, it’s Team Rampage’s Jeremy May against Team Forrest’s Matt Brown.


  • Dante Rivera def. Brandon Sene via decision


  • Daniel Cramer
  • CB Dollaway
  • Gerald Harris
  • Jeremy May
  • Pat Schultz
  • Brandon Sene (0-1)
    Eliminated by Dante Rivera – Week 5
  • Matthew Riddler (0-1)
    Eliminated by Tim Credeur – Week 4
  • Mike Dolce (0-1)
    Eliminated by Jesse Taylor – Week 3
  • Paul Bradley (0-0)
    Eliminated due to medical issues


  • Jesse Taylor (1-0)
  • Tim Credeur (1-0)
  • Dante Rivera (1-0)
  • Amir Sadollah
  • Matt Brown
  • Cale Yarbrough
  • Nick Klein
  • Luke Zachrich is your source for in-depth recaps and news from the”The Ultimate Fighter 7: Team Forrest vs. Team Rampage”.


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