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UFC 137’s Donald Cerrone: “I Am Going To Be The UFC Lightweight Champion”

Since the WEC finished merging with the UFC, few fighters have been more active than lightweight Donald Cerrone. In fact, Mike Brown is the only other fighter formerly of the WEC to have fought three times under the UFC banner since December.

While Brown has had mixed results, Cerrone has vaulted himself into contention for the lightweight belt. Cerrone has already defeated Paul Kelly, Vagner Rocha, and Charles Oliveira this year. As reported yesterday, Cerrone has now stepped in for Sam Stout to take on Dennis Siver at UFC 137 on October 29th.

Cerrone recently spoke with regarding the transition to the UFC and his upcoming bout with Siver:

MMAFrenzy: You defeated Charles Oliveira at UFC on versus 5 just a couple of weeks ago. How do you feel about your peformance?

Cerrone: It felt great to finally let it go in there. I knew going into it he was going to move forward and fight me for once. He was real cocky all week, but I fight better pissed off than other guys do scared.

MMAFrenzy: Did you think he had given up after he faked being kicked in the groin?

Cerrone:  I think after the first time I kicked him and spun him around that he knew sh** just got real. I think that sent a message from the beginning. Was he looking for a way out, who knows? But I did not kick him in the groin.

MMAFrenzy: How do you feel about your upcoming matchup with Dennis Siver?

Cerrone: I saw this morning that Sam Stout pulled out of the Siver fight. First off, I’d like to wish Sam and the Team Tompkins family the best. Shawn was always a great guy who held pads for me in Vegas when I was in town. My thoughts go out to those guys! As for Dennis, he is a very good striker. It’s a great opportunity since he’s currently ranked in the top 10 in the world. I love fighting guys who will stand and bang, and plus he’s got real unorthodox stand up. He throws hard and has heavy hands. I feel like the pressure is on him and he has to perform.

MMAFrenzy: What about your ongoing feud with Cole Miller? Do you still hope to square off against him?

Cerrone: Cole does not want to fight me. Let’s be real here. At this point, it would be a step back to fight Cole. But regardless, I still hope to fight him sometime, anytime!

MMAFrenzy: What is your reaction to Jim Miller and others that have called the WEC out? Especially after a fellow WEC veteran in Ben Henderson easily defeated him.

Cerrone: Little brother just beat the big brother’s ass! They tried to call us the little brothers and say that we didnt belong. This just goes to show what we knew all along, we belong. Not only do we belong but we’re taking over!

MMAFrenzy: How is the development of the Tapout Ranch coming along? (Cerrone lives on a 10 acre ranch where he routinely trains with fellow MMA fighters)

Cerrone: The ranch has been a huge asset for our training. We have been able to bring guys in to push us in all areas. I try to find the best wrestlers, kickboxers and grapplers each camp. The ranch has given us a chance to house them in house and be able to train anytime we want. We now have the gym on the property, so that’s huge!

With a five fight win streak, Cerrone seemingly seems close to a chance at the UFC lightweight title. A win over Siver would certainly continue his ascent towards that opportunity. Continually stepping for injured fighters can’t hurt his chances, either, and Cerrone knows that.

“I am going to be the UFC Lightweight champion. Cowboy is coming. October 29th is the next step in my journey to the top!”

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