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Gerald HarrisGerald Harris is 6-2 in his professional MMA career which includes a brief stint in the International Fight League. He defeated Jeremija Sanders in November before being cast for The Ultimate Fighter 7 where he defeated Mike Marrello on the second episode of the reality series to earn a spot in The Ultimate Fighter house.

Harris, a Team Rampage fighter, has not yet fought in the round of sixteen.’s Orlando Mac recently had the opportunity to interview Harris about his Ultimate Fighter experience (don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers), his predictions on several upcoming fights, his background and more. Enjoy… Alright lets get right to it, whom would you like to get in the cage with?

Gerald Harris: Anyone the UFC wants me to fight, I have never had a fight where I didn’t slam the **** out of my opponent. So, whoever people want to see get dumped let me know. Who has the biggest mouth in the business?

GH: I think it’s funny when the guys that talk the most noise in the interviews, get their ass beat in the cage. Other than that, most of the veterans back up their talk. I haven’t heard anyone that can compete with “Money” Mayweather. If you could build the ultimate fighter, no pun intender, which fighters out there would you tap for each MMA skill?

GH: I would use Sherks cardio, BJ Penns BJJ, Machidas stand-up with Liddells power, Rampages slams, Kongos body, and make him a 155 pounder. If you had just won $1000 dollars of free betting money and were given the following 5 fights to bet on, tell us who would win each fight?

GH: BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk: Penn

Quinton Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin: Jackson

Wanderlei Silva vs. Keith Jardine: Jardine

Fabricio Werdum vs. Brandon Vera: Werdum

Tim Sylvia vs Fedor Emelianenko: Emelianenko Gerald you have trained with Matt Lindland and Team Quest who have you learned from the most?

GH: I learned confidence and how to actually fight, they made me a well-rounded fighter instead of a wrestler. In addition, Matt Lindland taught me how to incorporate my wrestling mentality into MMA. Who is your best friend on Team Quest?

GH: Ryan Shultz and I like learning from Chael Sonnen and Ed Herman. Who do you think is the best all around fighter out there today?

GH: Lyoto Machida. If you were training for a fight with a Muay Thai specialist who would you train with in preparation for that fight?

GH: Chris Reilly at Legends Gym. Who do you respect the most?

GH: All of the early fighters who paved the way for the new generation, fighters like Matt Hughes, Royce Gracie, Chuck Liddell, Shamrock’s, and many others. Do you have any advice for your next opponent?

GH: Bring a parachute, just kidding. Just be ready, I always say that. Everyone knows that I’m going to slam them. What was it like to be a cast member of TUF?

GH: It was like the Real World, except we had no women and we had to fight. I enjoyed the show and the opportunity to join the long list of TUF fighters to make noise in the UFC. Were you surprised by the new format, and having to fight your way onto the show?

GH: Hell yeah, I was super broke and clueless. If I would have lost, then I would have been standing on the corner. Who do you stay away from at all costs backstage in MMA?

GH: Crazy Horse Bennett, he seems like he would beat yo ass before the fight. If you were the UFC matchmaker who would you pit yourself against in a fight? Why?

GH: I can’t think of any specific names, but I think that styles make fights. I don’t think that fighting another wrestler would be exciting. Some good ground guys, or stand-up fighters. Also, as matchmaker, what two fights would you schedule as your main events for your first event?

GH: Sherk versus Penn and Liddell versus Rampage Jackson 3 Who is the biggest joker behind the scenes?

GH: Rampage Jackson. Tell us how Gerald Harris got to this point in life?

GH: If it wasn’t for youth sports, I would have been in jail with all my other friends. I came from a terrible neighborhood and sports kept me out of trouble and focused on school. What are your greatest accomplishments to date?

GH: In wrestling I was a high school state placer twice, a high school national all-american twice, a three-time NCAA Division 1 qualifier and league champion and undefeated Freestyle Cage Fighting champion. What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?

GH: A UFC title and an acting career. What would surprise people the most about Gerald Harris?

GH: People are surprised at how nice I am in person and evil in the cage! I’m like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. You are a big scary dude, what scares you?

GH: Snakes man! I hate snakes, if someone has a snake tattoo, I’m slamming them on it. Why do they call you hurricane?

GH: My daddy held the name as a boxer back in the day, but an injury ended his career early. I’m trying to continue what he started and represent the Hurricane. Back in the day, he used to get in street fights and slam people on they head! Now I do it, but it’s legal. You are a great fighter with alot of skill, tell us why you were 0-2 in the IFL?

GH: Those losses were learning experiences, I was teaching full-time and training part time. After those two losses, I moved to Portland to train with Team Quest. I don’t plan on ever losing again. Why did you decide to try to get on TUF?

GH: I knew a couple of people on the show, and how the show had helped their career. My ultimate goal is to be a UFC Champion, so this is the road that I had to take. I want to make the best of this opportunity because it only comes once. What was it like as Gerald the teenager?

GH: Busy as hell! I had a full-time job, a car, and stayed out of trouble. I did love me some women! Other than that, I stayed out of trouble and focused. When did you discover fighting?

GH: When a midget beat me up in the projects. I’m serious, I got my ass kicked by a midget. His name was Bubba. Did you fight at school? On the street?

GH: I was undefeated, but I barely fought. My last fight was in the 6th grade and I was the new guy at the school, and this dude wanted to fight me for no reason. I walked away from him and he jumped on my back, I slammed him and fought my ass off and we have been cool ever since then. Who is your biggest fan in your family?

GH: My momma, she’s loud as hell and came to every wrestling match from elementary to high school. My dad is very supportive too! What keeps you motivated to fight?

GH: At first, it was the money, but now that I’ve learned how to be a fighter. I’m all about performance and progress. Where would you like to be in a few years time?

GH: Sitting on the couch with my two boys watching TV with the UFC belt in glass case right above it. What are you working on over the next year?

GH: I want to learn how to market myself to the fans and be a complete fighter. The fight game is too good to be one-dimensional. Who would you like to promote to the people reading this?

GH: Ghost Dog Boxing in Tulsa, OK, Allen Green, Team Quest, Legends Gym in Los Angeles, CA and my webpage Thanks for the interview Gerald, best of luck in the competition.


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