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Matt Serra Needs Your Help To Help Get MMA Sanctioned In New York

Matt SerraWith his recent crushing defeat to George St. Pierre in the record-breaking backyard brawl at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada Matt Serra has implored fans to unite in New York State.

He says, “If you are a fan, then help me to fight in New York!”

The advantage that GSP had with the monstrous support in his hometown was clearly evident as the fight wore on, and the same could be true for Serra in a rematch in New York City.

Imagine flying in for a whirlwind weekend in New York City. The sites, the sounds, the nightlife, and a Saturday Night filled of ferocious fisticuffs. Serra has teamed up with the UFC’s recent campaign,, to raise support for sanctioning in New York State.

Here are some of the facts that they would like some of the state legislatures to know:

  • “MMA fighters are given more care and precaution than athletes in any other sports organization in the world. With supervised fights, pre and post‐fight MRIs, four ringside doctors and two ambulances in case of emergency at each event and mandatory steroid testing. The highest levels of safety and quality are upheld in all aspects of the sport.”
  • MMA is much safer than boxing. Since its inception in the United States there have been no serious injuries or deaths in any of the major, sanctioned MMA organizations. Unlike boxing, in which fighters sustain repeated blows to the head for up to 15 rounds, MMA bouts last only 3-5 rounds and much of the fighting takes place on the mat as wrestling or grappling. In addition, unlike boxing gloves, MMA gloves are not weighted.
  • “At UFC 67 in Las Vegas, 72 percent of attendees came to Las Vegas from outside of Nevada, indicating that the primary purpose of their trip was for the event and underscoring the tourism boost MMA offers.”

Imagine the benefits to the local economy through tourism, hotels, tax revenues, and throughout the whole of the entertainment district.

MMA is sanctioned in 32 states, including some of the biggest in the country the California, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, & Pennsylvania Athletic Commissions, New York is the only glaring omission. Some of the other 20 states don’t even have regulatory commissions and still allow MMA events in their state.

If you reside in New York State here is the link to your assembly members whom you can email to voice your concerns:

Another great omission in North America is that of the province of Ontario, Canada where a draconian policy is still in effect because of the Commission where Ken Hayashi is chairman. Here is where you can contact the legislative assembly and its members:

Considering Mr. Hayashi cites federal law and almost every other province sanctions events under the same laws, it is clearly a personal mandate.

I would recommend any fight fan, whether you live in an unsanctioned state or province, take the time to voice your concern whether you live in that jurisdiction or not, as it will have a profound affect on the community as a whole.

Imagine a stacked card at Madison Square Gardens on a weekend with the boys or a crazy weekend north of the border to celebrate am MMA Conference or UFC Event in the Skydome with the roof open and the CN Tower glowing in the skyline.

Matt Serra would like you to take your passion for the sport, and make a difference. Do it now!


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