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New Statistics on UFC Growth

The blog has pulled some great statistics about the UFC comparing its growth to other professional sporting organizations. All of the stats are based upon how many visitors visit the league’s website each month and right now the UFC is sitting in 6th place just behind the NHL but still largely trailing Major League Baseball, Nascar, the NFL, and the NBA.

Perhaps even more impressive 6th place standing is the UFC’s growth (based on visitors again) in the past year. The UFC showed 106% year-over-year growth, more than 3 times the next biggest gainer. Keep reading for the charts showing the UFC’s growth.

UFC Growth

UFC Growth

Also, I should mention something that came up in the comments of the blog entry and that is boxing. The problem with comparing the UFC to boxing on these statistics is that the UFC is a major sports organization and there simply isn’t a big “boxing organization” that has a website for comparison.

Whether these statistics truly show anything significant about the growth of the UFC is up for debate but personally I think it is hard to put into a graph the UFC’s growth and this does a good job of capturing how big the UFC has become in the last year alone.


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