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UFC 68: Ticket Sales Top $2.8 Million

The Columbus Dispatch has the beat on ticket sales for tomorrows UFC 68 event. $2.8 million. That number is more than any other event at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Ever.

The ticket sales figure tops The Rolling Stones and a duo of Billy Joel and Elton John. If that doesn’t tell everyone that the UFC has arrived I don’t know what will. Dana White talking about UFC ticket sales:

“For the first time in our company’s history we have five shows on sale at the same time and almost all are sold out.”

To put $2.8 million in perspective the top UFC gates in history, UFC 66 and UFC 57, sold $5.4 million and $3.3 million respectively. Those events had less spectators compared to the predicted 18,000 (or confirmed 16,000) at UFC 68 which means fans at those tickets paid more than the $100-$400 cited as ticket prices for this weekends event.

Those stats don’t, nor shouldn’t discount just how big this weekends event is or how much mainstream press UFC is finally getting.


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