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“The Ultimate Fighter 7” Episode 8 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter 7This week’s episode kicks off with a recap of last week’s controversial match between Cale Yarbrough and Patrick Schultz. While the consensus opinion on the show was that Yarbrough and Schultlz split the rounds and were headed to a third and decisive round, this week we learn that Yarbrough won the second round 10-8 on the judge’s scorecards to earn a decision victory.

Shortly after the recap we see the aftermath of coach Forrest Griffin pounding his way through the dressing room door and shadow boxing as though he’s going to go after opposing coach and UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Miffed at Jackson’s remarks both about the controversial fight and their upcoming title bout as well as Schultz’s post-fight comments, Forrest appears to be looking for a fight but it’s not to be had as Schultz, tempers now cooled, appologizes to the opposing coach and things are back to normal, at least for now.

In the final opening round bout of the season Team Rampage’s top pick, CB Dollaway, is set to clash with Team Forrest’s Nick Klein. With Dollaway the clear favorite, Klein copes with his underdog status and prepares with his team in hopes of knocking the other team’s top pick out of the tourney early.

Griffin arrives for one of the training sessions with a handheld “net gun” in tow. Heeding the advice of his team, Griffin nets an unsuspecting Jackson in the UFC octagon, who, as expected, takes the prank in stride. “My family saw me get netted on national TV,” said Jackson. “I can’t let that happen.”

Back to the training sessions, Jackson expectedly states that he feels CB will win the upcoming bout but still has advice to offer the wrestler. Dollaway throws a playful kick at the UFC champ during their training sessions and “Rampage” decides its time to test his top pick. “Rampage” gets the opening takedown but they immediately scramble and Dollaway quickly forces the tapout from Jackson.

Focus then switches back on Nick Klein’s preparations with Team Forrest. Klein’s gameplan is to put CB on his back.

After both fighters successfully weigh-in UFC President Dana White and Jackson both repeat that they feel CB is more skilled and should win the impending bout.

The action is soon underway and Klein takes the fight to the mat and is briefly in top position before Dollaway uses his superior wrestling to take back the top spot. They continue to scramble on the ground with CB peppering ground and pound whenever he can. During one of the transitions Klein nearly secures a kneebar but Dollaway is able to escape the close call. The pair tussle for the the top spot with Klein attempting further submissions and Dollaway continuing with the sporadic ground and pound. Now in Klein’s guard, CB is able to land some solid ground and pound before the opening round concludes. Dolloway takes the first round 10-9.

Round two starts with some light standup, though nothing major connects. Against the wished of his coaches, Klein takes the fight back the ground and ends up on his back. Dollaway continues to work ground and pound from Klein’s guard and after a brief scramble they re-secure their positions. Some more ground and pound from CB prompts Klein to attempt to scramble away but Dollaway secures a fight ending guillotine in the chaos that forces Klein to tap out and moves Dollaway into the second round of the middleweight tournament.

The consensus opinion after the fight is that Klein was a tougher opponent than most gave him credit for but in the end it’s the favorite, CB Dollaway, moving on in the competition.

Following the fight, Forrest fulfills his promise to Amir Sadollah and allows Sadollah to cut his hair in any way he likes. A buzz cut later and his bet now paid in full, Griffin is promptly doused by Jackson  as retalitaion for the earlier netting.

With the antics for the episode now behind us White meets with Griffin and Jackson to discuss the second round matchups. They conclude it’s best to ask the fighters directly who they want to face and after sit down meetings with all 8 remaining fighters the second round matchups are finalized.

TUF 7 Quarterfinal Bouts

  • Jesse Taylor vs. Dante Rivera
  • Amir Sadollah vs. Matt Brown
  • Dan Cramer vs. Tim Credeur
  • CB Dollaway vs. Cale Yarbrough

With Team Forrest teammates Jesse Taylor and Dante Rivera as well as Amir Sadollah and Matt Brown set to clash in quarterfinal bouts, the teams are realligned next week and two of Team Forrest’s fighters are sent to Team Rampage to prepare for their fights. Taylor takes on Rivera and Sadollah faces Brown next week on The Ultimate Fighter 7.


  • CB Dollaway def. Nick Klein via submission – Round 2


  • Daniel Cramer (1-0)
  • CB Dollaway (1-0)
  • Gerald Harris
    Eliminated by Amir Sadollah – Week 7
  • Pat Schultz
    Eliminated by Cale Yarbrough – Week 7
  • Jeremy May (0-1)
    Eliminated by Matt Brown – Week 6
  • Brandon Sene (0-1)
    Eliminated by Dante Rivera – Week 5
  • Matthew Riddler (0-1)
    Eliminated by Tim Credeur – Week 4
  • Mike Dolce (0-1)
    Eliminated by Jesse Taylor – Week 3
  • Paul Bradley (0-0)
    Eliminated due to medical issues


  • Jesse Taylor (1-0)
  • Tim Credeur (1-0)
  • Dante Rivera (1-0)
  • Matt Brown (1-0)
  • Amir Sadollah (1-0)
  • Cale Yarbrough (1-0)
  • Nick Klein (0-1)
    Eliminated by CB Dollaway – Week 8
  • Luke Zachrich (0-1)
    Eliminated by Daniel Cramer – Week 6 is your source for in-depth recaps and news from the”The Ultimate Fighter 7: Team Forrest vs. Team Rampage”.


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