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UFC on Versus 6 Preview: Anthony Johnson vs. Charlie Brenneman continues its preview of UFC on Versus 6 with a new take on our head-to-head breakdowns. Each day we’ll look at a different fight from Saturday’s main card, ending with the main event on Friday.

UFC on Versus 6 takes place this Saturday, Oct. 1 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C..

A bantamweight title fight between champion Dominick Cruz and Demetrious Johnson will headline the card. The fight marks the first time a title fight will air free on TV since 2007’s UFC 75. While no announcement has been made yet about the preliminary fights, the fights will likely air on Facebook.

Anthony Johnson vs. Charlie Brenneman

Keys for Johnson (BR)-  Anthony Johnson is going to be the bigger guy here. Oh, is that obvious? Okay. Anthony Johnson is going to be the taller guy here. This is not going well.

Johnson will hold a distinct advantage on the feet in this matchup. Brenneman has never displayed overly impressive striking during his UFC career, with all three of his victories coming via decision. In fact, he faced a fellow wrestler in Johny Hendricks at UFC 117, and was knocked out early in the 2nd round.

Johnson will look to utilize a similar plan to end the match in a similar fashion. When (and when is important) Johnson looks to use his brute power against someone, it usually does not end well for his opponent. Surprisingly, Johnson has been in the UFC for over four years. In that time, he has six wins, five by knockout or TKO.

With Brenneman at least being on par with Johnson in regards to wrestling, it looks like Johnson will employ a strategy opposite of his critiqued performance against Dan Hardy. That performance was critiqued since Johnson openly boasted that the fight with Hardy would be a standup war. Then Johnson came in, kicked Hardy once, then repeatedly took Hardy down to coast to an easy unanimous decision victory.

Johnson gets lost within a fight when things are not going his way. That was obvious in his fight against Josh Koscheck at UFC 106. Johnson likes to dictate the pace and style of the fight. So when he does not, he is at his most vulnerable. Brenneman can take advantage of that, much like how he employed his strategy on Rick Story.

Johnson must stay away from being brought into Brenneman’s game.

Keys for Brenneman (Chris Leslie)- Charlie Brenneman (pictured via got the chance of a lifetime when Nate Marquardt was not cleared for UFC on Versus 4 during the summer and Brenneman filled in against Rick Story. Brenneman pulled off a surprising upset that clinched a magical week for the  hometown fighter.

Brenneman will be looking to catch lightning twice Saturday night when he faces Johnson. The key for Brenneman will be to close distance and work inside the reach of the much larger Johnson. Johnson will also likely weigh considerably more than Brenneman  on fight night. In order for Brenneman to overcome this, he cannot shoot straight in. Rather than shooting shots that put Brenneman where Johnson can use that weight, Brenneman needs to shoot for singles, preferably outside ones. Brenneman needs this fight on the ground like a fish needs water.

While Mike Constantino has done a lot for Brenneman, Brenneman does not have the power or length that Johnson has in the striking game. If the the striking game was a hurricane, the maximum reach would be the eye wall. In order for Brenneman to survive the storm he has to punch his way inside to get to a point where he’ll take the least damage, the clinch. Expect Brenneman to punch his way in and then use a few strikes before trying to get this fight to the ground.

In the end, it’s quite simple, the longer the fight stays standing the less likely it is that Brenneman will be winning.

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