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The Ultimate Fighter 5: Episode 4 Recap

Ultimate Fighter 5 Cast

Spoiler Warning!

Continue reading only if you want to know the details and results from episode 4 of The Ultimate Fighter 5…

So far we’ve seen Team Pulver dominate on TUF 5 sending it’s first 3 fighters onto the quarterfinals. Episode 5 starts focused on Wayne Weems, an experiend mixed martial artist who Pulver feels doesn’t train properly. At Team Penn, Gabe Reudiger “steps up” and offers to take on the seemingly weak Weems saying “somebody’s got to do it”.

But it isn’t Weems who is next for Pulver’s team, it’s Brandon Melendez. Team Pulver also got a surprise visit from former UFC champion Matt Hughes to give them a boost before the episode’s bout. Before being granted the fight Melendez had to prove he could make weight and that his ankle was able to hold up but Pulver gave him the go ahead. For Team Penn it was Andy Wang who would take on Melendez.

In the fight we saw a striking spectacular as Wang wouldn’t go for a takedown against Melendez despite repeated calls by Penn to do so. The defiance cost him as Melendez continued to land strike after strike winning the bout via an easy unanimous decision. The win moved team Penn to 0-4 and team Pulver to 4-0.

Team Penn
Gray Maynard
Matt Wiman
Gabe Ruediger
Joe Lauzon
Rob Emerson
Andy Wang
Noah Thomas
Allen Berube

Team Pulver
Corey Hill
Brian Geraghty
Wayne Weems
Marlon Sims
Manny Gamburyan (1-0)
Cole Miller (1-0)
Brandon Melendez (1-0)
Nate Diaz (1-0)


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