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UFC on Versus 6 Main Card Play-by-Play’s coverage of UFC on Versus 6 continues with our complete play-by-play and scoring of tonight’s main card, including the main event between UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and Demetrious Johnson and co-headliner between heavyweights Pat Barry and Stefan Struve.

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UFC Bantamweight Title Fight- Dominick Cruz (c) vs. Demetrious Johnson

Round 1- No touch of gloves from both fighters. Fight looks like it’s in fast forward and Johnson lands a few nice punches. Johnson with a shot and Cruz blocks it and punishes Johnson. Cruz attempts a throw that starts a scramble that he wins and he ends up in side control. Cruz with some knees to the body and is blocking Johnson’s hip escape chances. Johnson finally recovers guard against the fence. Johnson finally explodes to his feet. Johnson presses forward and lands a headkick but Cruz scores a takedown off it. Johnson escapes. Johnson with a brief takedown of his own against the cage but Cruz is up quick. Cruz attempts a beautiful duck under but Johnson slips it. Johnson shoots against the cage. The pace is incredible. Round ends with Cruz stalking forward. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Cruz.

Round 2- Cruz in quickly and uses a modified broomstick takedown to get Johnson down. Johnson escapes to the clinch and he eats some knees. Cruz fights out and lands another knee on the way out. Johnson with another failed shot attempt and Cruz clinches him against the cage. Cruz attempts a takedown but Johnson utilizes a whipback to escape and clinch Cruz along the cage. Cruz telegraphs a knee and the fighters separate. Cruz is trying to use his head fakes but Johnson seems to have timed it. Johnson attempts a flying knee but misses. Cruz takes a deep breath with a minute left. Cruz with a knee and Johnson attempts a takedown but Cruz uses a whizzer to say up and then reshoots for his own takedown with :10 left. Cruz finishes on top and wins the round 10-9 (20-18).

Round 3- Johnson is bouncing around like it’s the first and Cruz is taking deep breathes before he starts his head fakes. Johnson with a nice lead hook but Cruz slips away. Johnson attempts a knee pick but Cruz evades and takes standing back control. Belly to back suplex from Cruz that lands hard. Cruz locks in a rear choke and Johnson is being flattened out by nice leg riding. Johnson amazingly explodes out and immediately goes on the attack again. Cruz looks tired. Cruz with a takedown on the cage but Johnson is the only one landing strikes. Johnson is trying to use the cage to stand but Cruz keeps sweeping his legs. Cruz lands a few light shots. Big elbow from Cruz hits nothing and Johnson springs up. Fighters exchange knees in the clinch as the round ends. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Cruz (30-27).

Incredible fight so far but Cruz is just edging him.

Round 4- Both fighters circle ad Johnson looks very fresh. Johnson has looked good through out the fight but the range and counter-grappling of Cruz has been the difference. Johnson throws a powerful combo that Cruz evades, Johnson tries a shot but Cruz blocks then reshoots and takes Johnson down. Cruz working in half-guard now. Cruz setting up an arm-triangle but loses it and settles for mount instead. Johnson doing a good job of controlling posture and escapes back to guard with minimal damage from the mount. Johnson escapes and immediately attacks but still is unable to land anything. Nice body lock takedown by Cruz and Johnson groans from the pressure. Johnson escapes again to end the round. Another round to Cruz 10-9 (40-36).

Round 5- Leg kick to head kick combo misses and Cruz takes Johnson’s back before landing a seat-drop to take Johnson down again. Cruz working in Johnson’s guard now with a few body-body-head combos that aren’t doing too much damage. Johnson escapes and is showing bad swelling on his left cheek bone. Johnson attacks again and clinches. Cruz lands a throw but Johnson doesn’t give up points. Cruz attempts it again and again Johnson evades. Johnson attacks but Cruz ducks below for a shot and then works to the mount. Johnson gives up his back but bucks Cruz off. Johnson with a hard shot that hurts Cruz but the champion recovers and gets the takedown at the :10 second mark. Cruz ends the round on top. MMAFrenzy gives the round and the fight to Dominick Cruz 50-45.

Dominick Cruz defeats Demetrious Johnson via unanimous decision (50-45,49-46,50-45)

Pat Barry vs. Stefan Struve

Round 1- Fighters circle early with a few range finding shots. Struve is using his range early. Barry is almost jumping in. The comedy of these two facing each other is almost too much. Struve throws a light front kick, Barry tries to answer but only hits air. Leg kick by Barry, answered by a head kick from Struve. Barry attempts a flying knee but Struve evades easily as the bell sounds. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Struve.

Round 2- Fighters circle early and exchange leg kicks. Struve throws a combo but it’s over Barry’s head. Struve with a nice knee but gets clipped by an overhand right. Struve attacks with a D’arce, transitions to a guillotine but Barry passes to side control. Struve beautifully transitions to a triangle and Barry attempts a massive power bomb. Struve flattens his back and lands perfectly though, keeping the triangle and adding an armbar. Barry is forced to tap.

Stefan Struve defeats Pat Barry via submission (triangle armbar) at 3:22 of Round 2

Charlie Brenneman vs. Anthony Johnson

Round 1- Fighters circle before Brenneman goes in for a shot and is easily shucked away by Johnson. Brenneman shoots again and Johnson stops it nicely with a modified quarter nelson. Johnson pounds away from that position and Brenneman is just stuck. Brenneman rolls to half guard and grabs a poor arm-in guillotine. Johnson lets him up and unloads with a huge head kick that drops Brenneman awkwardly but Brenneman comes to a defensive position as soon as he hits the ground. Doesn’t matter as Mario Yamasaki had already stopped the fight after the kick.

Anthony Johnson wins via TKO (head kick and ref’s stoppage) at 2:49 of Round 1

Mac Danzig vs. Matt Wiman  

Round 1- Wiman clinches but Danzig keeps landing dirty boxing shots. The fighters break and Danzig with a nice head kick but Wimain scores a takedown. Wiman isn’t doing much with the takedown and Danzig gets it back to their feet. Danzig lands some shots. Fighters clinch in a collar tie that Wiman turns into a Thai clinch but does nothing. Fighters separate and Wiman throws looping shots. Clinch again and Wiman with a nice elbow but Danzig elbows out. Danzig and Wiman clinch on the cage. Wiman with some great knees forces Danzig to back out. Fighters exchange shots to end a very exhausting round. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 Wiman.

Round 2- Fighters end up in the clinch again with Danzig in control against the cage but Wiman strikes his way out. Wiman then forces Danzig to the cage before Danzig hits an explosive takedown with a body lock. Danzig works in Wiman’s guard. Wiman attempts an armbar and it’s very deep. Danzig manages to stack Wiman and fights out. Hard shots from Danzig now and he advances to side control. Wiman with a Kimura attempt but Danzig defends. Wiman finally escapes and Danzig unloads along the cage. Wiman lands a hard strike that backs up Danzig. Sloppy clinch strikes end a tough rough. Great fight so far. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 Danzig to make it 19-19 heading to the third.

Round 3- Wiman with some good shots to open the round and forces Danzig into the cage but Danzig reverses. Wiman reverses and the two engage in a brutal exchange. Danzig gets a takedown and takes back side mount. Danzig gets a hook but slides off the top. Wiman lands some massive elbows from top half guard. Danzig recovers and closes guard. Danzig escapes and Wiman pins him to the cage with :30 left. Wiman goes for a shot but gets caught in a deep guillotine. Not enough time though and Wiman with a bit of showmanship in giving the thumbs up while stuck in the choke. MMAFrenzy gives the round and the fight to Matt Wiman (29-28)

Matt Wiman wins by unanimous decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)

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