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Brittney Palmer on Pursuing Her Passion Away from the UFC

With the recent news of Brittney Palmer’s eventual return to the UFC, many UFC fans were beyond excited to hear that the popular ring girl would be returning to her duties of gracing the weigh-ins and octagon cage. The Californian was most recently seen earlier this year, before taking time off to commit to her lifelong passion in art. Palmer has been taking classes at UCLA during her time off from the organization, but prior to UFC on FOX, president Dana White tweeted “Should we bring Brittney Palmer back?”, the resounding response was a seemingly unanimous yes. With that response, White declared that Palmer will be returning to her duties as an Octagon Girl.

Along with the announcement, Palmer recently released a 2012 calendar, which features pictures of her around the world. In addition to that, Palmer has recently begun designing shirts for her own company called Stone Free Apparel. had the opportunity to talk with Palmer about her time off from the UFC, along with her experiences away from the organization.

MMAFrenzy: You’re now an art student at UCLA. How do you feel that transition is going, and how excited are you to be able to pursue a passion and dream of yours?

Brittney Palmer: It’s amazing how good it feels to pursue your passion. I feel like the instruction has been very beneficial in advancing my artistry and I feel like I’m getting better everyday!

MMAFrenzy: You’ve been dabbling in art for quite a while, and that has now escalated into designing t-shirts. Describe how that process came about, and how great of an experience it has been.

Palmer: I’ve been passionate about painting since I was a kid. See, my designs on clothing, being able to wear the artwork that inspires my life, has been an incredible experience. I like creating art that people can relate to, and I think the icons from rock and pop culture from the 1960s and ’70s era is very relatable.

MMAFrenzy: A few months ago, there were reports that you were no longer a ring girl, and that it was permanent. So much was made of this, Dana White personally addressed those rumors, stating they were false. How did that go about for you?

Palmer: I’m flattered that there was such a big stink made about it, but it shouldn’t be about me.┬áIt’s never fun to hear rumors being spread about yourself, but it’s comforting to know that the fans care so much!

MMAFrenzy: With all the travel that goes along with the UFC and WEC, are you glad to have been able to stay home and settle down for a while?

Palmer: I really like traveling. Yes, there’s less time when you’re on planes and in hotels, but how cool is it to go to rad places like Australia for work? When I’m home I really enjoy throwing on some Led Zeppelin and painting as long as I can.

MMAFrenzy: With that travel, what was the favorite place you traveled to? My assumption is Australia will be your answer…

Palmer: Australia is the easy answer!

MMAFrenzy: What has been your best experience with the UFC?

Palmer: Surfing at Bondi Beach in Sydney was an incredible experience. I love to surf, so that meant a lot to me to catch a wave in such an iconic place.

MMAFrenzy: Lastly, where can those that are interested find your artwork and calendar?

Palmer: My artwork and calendar is available on my website, I have an artwork collection and I also paint custom paintings for people. Check in with my twitter and facebook pages for all of the information regarding that!


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