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Rashad Evans: Ortiz “trying to be ignorant and racial”

The UFC usually isn’t one to spread controversy (they usually leave that up to our MMA sites) but today they posted a link to a phone call Rashad Evans made to Albuquerque ’s KTEG to talk about Ortiz’s recent comments on making Evans his “nappy headed ho” on 7-7-07. Here is what Rashad had to say:

“That boy’s a fool man. Man, he’s stupid. That’s what he said for real. Wow. One, that’s pretty ignorant. I mean after everything that that guy and go behind someone else and say the same stupid thing.

Second of all I’m black man. My hair ain’t straight. You know my skin is black. My nose is not small. Big lips…whatever. I’m black. I’m proud to be black. You know I have kinky hair, nappy hair whatever that’s what I am.

The third thing is Tito, he shouldn’t talk. I give him a challenge to grow his hair out ’cause I think his hair’s kind of kinky too. I think the Ortiz descent is not from Mexico. I think it might be from Puerto Rico or Cuba or somewhere where people with African descent were there. I think he’s frontin’ about him bein’ Mexican. If I give him a challenge to grow his hair out and see how kinky and dark it is when he stops dyin’ it.

He can pretend like he’s white or have straight hair or whatever…he’s tryin’ to be ignorant and racial. If he’s trying to make it more of a build up to the fight whatever he wants to do man. I’m a fighter. I’m gonna go in there and fight him.

He’s playing head games with the wrong person. Ok, I got nappy hair, so what? You got nappy hair too. I wanna come out there and have a good fight. I don’t wanna have any excuses. I think Tito’s gonna go and get himself all hyped up and go into the fight and not live up to the billing. I think he’s afraid. I really do, I think he’s afraid.

In the last three years who has Tito Ortiz really beaten beside Ken Shamrock. He doesn’t wanna stand up and bang, he doesn’t wanna fight anybody real, he just wants to put on the production and pretend he’s a fighter but you can’t do that all the time ’cause real fighters come to calling. I’m a real fighter and that’s what I wanna do. So he can keep talkin’. We gonna see who’s talkin’ July 8th.”

Looks like this bout might become a repeat of the Diego/Koscheck jaw flapping we saw before UFC 69 but to Evan’s credit he was very calm and collected in the call. I just hope their bout doesn’t go the way of Sanchez vs. Kos…boring.


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