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Round-By-Round UFC 85 Results


  • Thiago Alves def. Matt Hughes via TKO – Round 2, 1:02
  • Michael Bisping def. Jason Day via TKO – Round 1, 3:42
  • Mike Swick def. Marcus Davis via unanimous decision
  • Thales Leites def. Nate Marquardt via split decision
  • Fabricio Werdum def. Brandon Vera via TKO – Round 1, 4:40
  • Martin Kampmann def. Jorge Rivera via submission – Round 1, 2:44
  • Matt Wiman def. Thiago Tavares via KO – Round 2, 1:57
  • Kevin Burns def. Roan Carneiro via submission – Round 2, 2:53
  • Luiz Cane def. Jason Lambert via TKO – Round 1, 2:07
  • Paul Taylor def. Jess Liaudin via split decision
  • Antoni Hardonk def. Eddie Sanchez via TKO – Round 2, 4:15



ROUND 1 – Hughes comes out in southpaw position and there’s a brief feeling out period before Hughes shoots for a takedown but he’s stuffed by Alves and they standup. Hughes again shoots for a takedown and Alves again defends but Hughes pulls guard. Alves connects with some solid strikes on the ground before returning to his feet where he lands a solid knee in the clinch. They return to the ground Hughes moves to side control and throws shots to the body. The crowd boos the slow pace as neither fighter is doing much on the ground. Referee Herd Dean threatens to standup the bout but Alves reclaims half guard. Hughes looks to move into mount but Alves escapes and gets back to his feet. Alves takes Hughes down and lands several solid blows before round one ends. scores the round 10-9 Alves.

ROUND 2 – Hughes shoots in but Alves catches him with a knee and Hughes pulls guard. They return to their feet and Alves lands a flying knee that knocks Hughes to the ground. Alves follows his opponent to the ground and delivers several hard punches that force referee Herb Dean to stop the bout.

Hughes appeared to injure his left knee while falling to the ground following the flying knee.

Thiago Alves defeats Matt Hughes via TKO – Round 2, 1:02

After the bout, Alves begged UFC President Dana White for a title shot while Hughes stated that he has at least one bout left in him and he wants to fight Matt Serra before he would retire.


ROUND 1 – Both fighters miss with punches to open the fight. Bisping clinches with Day and secures a trip takedown. Bisping unleashes a ground and pound assault on Day. Day tries to grab a leg and return to his feet but he’s unable to. Bisping moves to side control and delivers more punishment but Day escapes and they return to their feet. Bisping takes Day back to the ground and goes back into side control then mount. Day escapes but Bisping is able to again reclaim side position and delivers a final series of ground and pound that forces referee Dan Miragliotta to halt the bout.

Michael Bisping def. Jason Day via TKO – Round 1, 3:42


ROUND 1 – Davis and Swick trade stikes to open the bout before Davis clinches with Swick against the cage. Swick breaks free but Davis clinches again and drops to the ground in an attempt for a guillotine but it’s unsuccessful. Swick moves from Davis’ guard to side control but Davis regains guard. They trade some strikes on the ground and Swick opens up a cut with some elbows. The pace slows but Swick does enough to avoid a standup. Davis tries to flip Swick onto his back as the round winds down but Swick defends. scores the round 10-9 Swick.

ROUND 2 -Swick misses on an early kick attempt and Davis lands a left. Swick next lands a kick and a knee. They go to the ground and Swick is in Davis’ guard. The pace slows and they are urged to remain active. Swick transitions to side control. The pace again slows and they return to their feet. Davis connects with a short combination before clinching. He connects with uppercuts in the clinch. Each lands a knee. Davis gets a trip takedown but Swick nearly secures a triangle choke before they return to their feet. Swick gets another takedown before the round ends. scores the round 10-9 Swick.

ROUND 3 -Swick connects with a knee. They clinch briefly then separate before trading strikes. They lock up again, break, then clinch again before again separating. Neither fighter is able to land much. UFC commentator Joe Rogan spots a UFC first: the crowd at the 02 Arena in London is doing the wave. Davis’ cuts have worsened and he is now very bloodied and battered. They clinch and referee Mario Yamasaki halts the bout to deduct a point from Swick for grabbing the fence. The deduction presents an opening for Davis but he’s unable to capitalize and Swick continues to do just enough to win the round on the judge’s scorecard. scores the round 9-9 and the bout 29-27 Swick.

Mike Swick defeats Marcus Davis via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)


ROUND 1 – They touch gloves. Leites connects with a superman punch. Marquardt connects with a combo. Leites counters with a solid combination that presses Marquardt to the cage. Leites knocks Marquardt to the ground with a hard right and mounts Marquardt. Marquardt is stunned and nearly gives up his back but recovers and ties Leites up to avoid damage. Leites into side control but Marquardt scrambles back to his feet and lands a knee. Hard body shot by Marquardt finds its mark. They clinch against the cage. Knees to the body by both fighters. They separate. Spinning back kick by Leites connects to the body. Marquardt connects with an uppercut that rocks Leites and sends him staggering to the fence. Marquardt follows with more stikes but he’s unable to finish Leites off before the round concludes. scores the round 10-9 Leites.

ROUND 2 – They again touch gloves and Marquardt immediately lands a body shot and overhand right. They clinch and trade knees against the cage. They scramble and Marquardt is on top. Marquardt lands an illegal knee while Leites is still on the ground and the bout is momentarily halted. Leites wants to continue and takes a few moments to recover while Marquardt has one point deducted for the illegal strike. We quickly resume and Marquardt connects and takes Leites to the ground. Marquardt is warned for striking the back of the head and grabbing the gloves. Marquardt delivers some hard ground and pound and bloodies Leites but he’s unable to finish off his opponent.Referee Herb Dean restarts the fighters and Marquardt attempts a takedown but Leites claims the top position and lands some strikes to finish up the round. scores the round 9-9.

ROUND 3 -Marquardt catches a flying knee attempt and takes Leites to the ground. Leites attempts a triangle but Marquardt escapes. Marquardt counters with strikes but Herb Dead declares them to be on the back of the head on deducts another point from Marquardt. They resume and head back to the ground where Marquardt connects with more ground and pound while Leites works elbows from the bottom. Leites’ cut reopens. Marquardt piledrives Leites with 10-seconds remaining. scores the final round 9-9 and the bout 28-27 for Leites.

The third-round point deduction from Marquardt by Herb Dean due to strikes to the back of the head is rather controversial as replays show the strike appeared to connect to the side, and not the back, of Leites’ head. The two point deductions will likely cost Marquardt a bout he clearly won.

Thales Leites defeats Nate Marquardt via split decision (28-27, 28-27, 27-28)


ROUND 1 – Werdum secures a quick takedown but they return to their feet. They clinch and Werdum presses Vera against the cage. Vera reverses then they separate and Vera lands a solid left before they lock up again. Werdum secures a takedown and lands in Vera’s full guard. Vera escapes and returns to his feet. He throws a knee that is caught by Werdum but he’s unable to secure the takedown and they return to their feet. Vera lands a left that stuns Werdum. They clinch again against the cage but are quickly separated. Werdum takes the fight back to the groun, mounts Vera, and starts dropping punches. Vera defends the punches as the round winds down and referee Dan Miragliotta surprisingly steps in and halts the bout.

Vera, unphased by the strikes, immediately returns to his feet and complains about the controversial and premature stoppage. It’s a questionable and poor ending to the opening bout of the pay-per-view.

Fabricio Wedum def. Brandon Vera via TKO – Round 1, 4:40


ROUND 1 – Kampann quickly takes Rivera down and lands some punches before taking Rivera’s back. Rivera rolls into an arm triangle bu manages to escape. Kampmann transitions to mount then finishes Rivera off with a guillotine midway through the opening round.

Martin Kampmann defeats Jorge Rivera via submission – Round 1, 2:44


ROUND 1 – The fighters quickly hit the mat and scamble for the top position and submission attempts. Tavares eventually claims the top, staying there and delivering punches for the rest of the first round. scores the round 10-9 Tavares.

ROUND 2 – The pair stand and trade hard punches to open up the second round. Tavares takes Wiman to the ground but they quickly return back to their feet. Wiman connects with a hard right that rocks Tavares and follows it up with another right that knocks Tavares out.

Matt Wiman defeats Thiago Tavares via KO – Round 2, 1:57


ROUND 1 – Carneiro quickly secures a takedown and stays in the position top for the length of the round throwing punches. scores the round 10-9 Carneiro.

ROUND 2 – Burns stuffs a takedown but Carneiro is eventually successful in again taking Burns to the ground. Carneiro stays in the top position and throws punches but Burns secures a triangle choke that forces Carneiro to tapout midway through the bout.

Kevin Burns defeats Roan Carneiro via submission – Round 2, 2:53


ROUND 1 – Lambert looks to clinch but Cane wants to stand and trade and avoids Lambert early. Cane then lands a right that knocks Lambert down. Lambert returns to his feet but is again dropped by Cain. Lambert once again stands up but Cain knocks him down for the third time and the referee stops the fight.

Luiz Cane defeats Jason Lambert via TKO – Round 1, 2:07


ROUND 1 – The fighters trade blows to open the round before Liaudin secures a takedown and moves into side control. The pace on the ground slows and they’re restarted by the referee. Liaudin connects with a flying knee then Taylor lands a punch that knocks Liaudin down. scores the round 10-9 Taylor.

ROUND 2 – Liaudin secures another early takedown. Taylor scrambles back to his feet but is again taken down by Liaudin. Liaudin controls Taylor on the ground for the remainder of the round and lands strikes from the top. scores the round 10-9 Liaudin.

ROUND 3 – The pair trade kicks to open the third. Taylor defends a takedown attempt but Liaudin tries again and takes his opponent to the ground but he’s unable to keep him there and Taylor returns to his feet. Another successful takedown by Liaudin but they’re quickly restarted by the referee. Liaudin pulls guard as the bout concludes. scores the final round 10-9 Liaudin and the bout 29-28 Liaudin.

Paul Taylor defeats Jess Liaudin via split decision


ROUND 1 – Sanchez is the aggressor early and gets an early knockdown of Hardonk. He follows him to the mat but they stall and are restarted by the referee. They lock up and Hardonk lands some solid knees but Sanchez takes Hardonk back to the ground where they again stall and are restarted. Sanchez again takes Hardonk to the ground before the opening round concludes. scores the round 10-9 Sanchez.

Round 2 – Hardonk connects early in round two with a solid knee and several hard shots to the body. Following a knockdown by Sanchez, the pair exchange a series of wild strikes. Hardonk gets the better of the exchange and lands a strong combination finished with a left hook to force the referee to halt the bout.

Antoni Hardonk defeats Eddie Sanchez via TKO – Round 2, 4:15


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