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Report: New York To Revist MMA Bill On June 18th; Major UFC Announcement Likely Delayed

A bill which would authorize and regulate mixed martial arts in the state of New York was laid aside today by the New York Tourism, Arts, and Sports Development Committee and will be revisited next week according to

“…the bill was not defeated, but rather, laid aside in a committee meeting today. The bill will now reappear on the next agenda of the Tourism, Arts and Sports Development Committee, which is currently scheduled for Wednesday, June 18.

Further questioning on previous votes or motivations behind the decision was met with a simple, tight-lipped answer from Engelbright’s office.

“The decision was made to leave it aside,” said the representative. “We’ll just leave it at that.””

The UFC’s major announcement, which is now widely expected to be the legalization of MMA in New York, will likely be further delayed following today’s developments. The major announcement was originally to be made tomorrow, just one day after the committee could have passed the bill, but was recently pushed back to next Tuesday. Now, with the bill not being revisted until June 18th, the UFC’s announcement will likely not be made until late next week at the earliest.

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