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UFC 142 Results: Edson Barboza Knocks Out Terry Etim with Head Kick

Edson Barzoa scored one of the best knockouts in UFC history to open UFC 142’s pay-per-view main card on Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro, as the Brazilian knocked out England’s Terry Etim with a spinning head kick in the third round.

The finish came 2:32 into the final round and was the first spinning wheel kick knockout in UFC history.’s play-by-play of Barboza vs. Etim is below:

Round 1 – Dan Miraglotta is our referee and we are underway. Neither fighter wastes anytime as Etim looks to grapple immediately but Barboza has none of it. Action slows as both fighters look for an opening. Barboza lands a wicked leg kick off a fake. Another powerful legkick from Barboza in response to a light combo from Etim. Etim with a lazy left that gets countered twice by Barboza. Etim with a nice left hook and he attempts a takedown. Barboza defends using the cage and we’re centered now. Barboza doubles up with some inside legkicks and Etim replies with one of his own to Barboza’s thigh. Short time now, and both fighters look for opening until the bell rings. Etim looked good early, but Barboza took the round late with more effective striking, MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Barboza.

Round 2 – Barboza picks right back up from where he started with more leg kicks. Etim attemps a legkick to headkick combo but Barboza defends. Barboza with another crushing kick. Etim is stuffed on another takedown attempt. Etim stalks forward but Barboza is still finding openings as he evades Etim. Barboza starts off a nice combo with a body shot that he seals with a kick to the body. Most effective combo of the round so far. Etim finally lands a takedown with 1:40 left but Barboza bounces right back up and we’re centered again. Nice body shot by Barboza. Outside legkick by Barboza lands again. Barboza lands a body kick right before the round ends. Barboza is controlling the fight with his striking and takedown defense. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Barboza (20-18)

Round 3 – Barboza opens the round with another strong kick. Etim fakes a shot and looks for a duck under but Barboza snuffs it out quickly. Fighters trade but nothing of significance lands. Etim fails on another takedown attempt. Barboza with an amazing spinning wheel kick that lands flush and Etim is out before he hits the mat! Etim was gone on impact and Barboza just walks away.

Edson Barboza defeats Terry Etim via KO (spinning wheel kick) at 2:32 of Round 3


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