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Phil Davis: “Delusional” Rashad Evans In for a Shock at UFC on Fox 2

Phil DavisPhil Davis believes his hard work and not his inexperience will be the difference in Saturday’s UFC on Fox 2 main event as he expects to spoil Rashad Evans’ showdown with rival Jon Jones and possibly earn his own shot at the light heavyweight champion, Davis recently told the UFC:

“He’s delusional. If he thinks he’s going to out-wrestle or intimidate me, he’s in for a shock on Saturday night. I’ve been working hard for this; I can’t wait to get back into the Octagon after a layoff. He’s not as good as he thinks he is, and I am better than he thinks I am. He thinks he’s a better wrestler than me, crazy. I would beat him 100 times out of 100. He was something like .500 in won/losses in wrestling. I was a champion; he just competed.

Yes, I have only nine pro MMA fights but the inexperience thing isn’t an issue. I am less experienced than every single guy I’ve faced, and I am unbeaten. I am experienced at winning, and that’s what really matters, and I’m going to experience winning again on FOX.”

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