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Burkman, Baroni Throwdown at Bar

According to a report on UFC 71 competitor Josh Burkman and UFC alum Phil Baroni apparently got into a scuffle at a bar this past weekend. Here’s the account of what happened from Burkman:

“We were dancing up by the table with about 25 people in the same area… I got bumped into his girlfriend i guess… phil tapped me on the sholder and asked if I grabbed his girlfriends ass… I said no i got bumped into her. Then he tapped me again, i said no… then he did it a 3rd time and I told him not to touch me again… then he raged and tried to smack me over his agent Ken Pavia… then he got hit about 10 times!!… I thought it was over, and while i was telling Tito what happened Phil popped up from behind me like a jack in the box and blindsided me!… what a chump! next thing I know my brother was beating his ass, then tito grabbed my brother and I got in a couple more shots!… lol!!! that the jist of it, Phil needs to relax he’s a little nuts. Anyways outside I tried to apologize to him and shake his hand but he faked the handshake and tried to hit me again… He was to slow! haha, I guess he’s not over it!.”

This of course is one side of the story although there is an open call for Baroni to clarify what happened during the exchange. Burkman will be fighting Karo Parisyan in a little more than 3 weeks at UFC 71 but apparently the upcoming fight didn’t stop him from going to the bar or risk injury duking it out with Baroni. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a response from Baroni or more details but it doesn’t sound too serious from what I’ve gathered so far.


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