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Report: Silva-Vera Unlikely For July 19th Event; Event May Be Formally Announced Today

Wanderlei SilvaA rumored main event bout between Wanderlei Silva and Brandon Vera is unlikely to take place at the recently-rumored July 19th UFC event, according to a report by Dave Meltzer at All is not lost, however, as the UFC is reportedly hard at work securing a main event bout for the Spike TV event and an official announcement may be made later today.

Here’s a snip from the report:

“Here is the basics on the story going around regarding a UFC show on 7/19, head-to-head with the Affliction show.  The story is correct in that fighters have been called, including Wanderlei Silva and Brandon Vera, but that match is likely not happening even on the chance there is such a show on  that date.  It was an idea talked about in preliminary stages but Spike officials have said the next live special after Saturday will be on 9/17 and Dana White had also not green-lighted the idea as of earlier today and it was considered a no-go this morning.  Fighters have been contacted and based on updated stuff, I expect it is happening and most likely the final decision and an announcement will be made tomorrow.  The fact they are still working hard on getting a quality main event says something.”

Stay tuned…


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