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Dagestan’s Parliament files Appeal Regarding Rasul Mirzaev

After a Russian Federation court rescinded Rasul Mirzaev’s bail yet again and ordered him to be held until August, his home nation of Dagestan has filed an appeal with the Russian Federation alleging unfair treatment on behalf of Mirzaev.

The Moscow court lowered Mirzaev’s charges back in January of this year and it was expected that Mirzaev would be released on bail shortly after. However, prosecutors lobbied the judge to rescind bail and Mirzaev was again imprisoned.

This action led Mirzaev’s home nation of Dagestan to act after trying to remain out of the volatile issue since the incident occurred last August.

Dagestan’s first deputy Speaker of the Parliament Nikolai Alchiev stated “The Article 19 of Constitution of the Russian Federation unifies the duties and rights of citizens throughout the country. However, the unfortunate incident that happened with our countryman R. Mirzaev is [being] used to gain political dividends. Some political leaders, party leaders, use the incident and try to score political points, speaking in pre-election speeches.”

The official appeal is seeking an attempt to bring some sanity to a case that has seen little of it since the incident occurred outside the Moscow night club last August.


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