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“The Ultimate Fighter 7” Episode 12 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter 7The episode opens with CB Dollaway and Amir Sadollah agreeing that Amir is the underdog in their semifinal bout. We quickly see both preparing for the bout in their dressing rooms. They enter the octagon and this bout is going to be underway very quickly.

CB has an edge in height, reach, and experience. This promises to be interesting.

They touch gloves and Dollaway quickly connects with a combination. Another combination and knee by CB but Amir counters with a hard kick. CB recovers and slams Amir to the ground and works from Sadollah’s guard. Amir controls him from the ground and looks for a triangle and armbar. CB works ground and pound but little is landing as Amir minimizes damage in hopes of returning to his feet. Amir continues to contros as CB attempts more ground and pound. CB attempts a slam but Amir escapes and reutrns to his feet and rocks CB. Dollaway quickly takes the fight back the ground in an attempt to recover and is again in Amir’s guard. CB appears gassed and Amir looks to take advantage but CB is able to pass to half guard. CB takes his back then attains full mount but the round concludes before any major damage is done. scores the round 10-9 Dollaway.

CB connects with a kick to open the second round but Amir counters with a solid combination and knee. CB countes but Amir lands another hard kick to the body that knocks CB over. They scramble and Dollaway again ends up in Amir’s guard. CB connects with some ground and pound but Amir regains control of CB and minimizes his effectiveness. Amir nearly secures an armbar but CB is able to escape back into Sadollah’s guard. Amir is cut near his eye. Dollaway connects with more ground and pound as both fighters are slowing. Calls for a standup start and the referee calls for more action. CB postures up but Amir is able to largely minimize the damage. The blood appears to be affecting Sadollah’s vision. Steve Mazzagatti restarts the fighters and Amir connects with several kicks then the fighters clinch and trade knees. Amir again connects but CB secures another takedown into his guard before the round concludes. scores the round 10-9 Dollaway.

After both fighters are patched up between rounds they touch gloves and the final round is underway. Amir lands a solid combination and knee to the body but CB clinches. Amir, however, is able to stave off the takedown and remain on his feet through several attempts but Dollaway is eventually successful in taking him to the ground. CB quickly takes Amir’s back and looks for a rear naked choke but Amir is able to scramble away though CB remains on top in north-south before going back into Amir’s guard. A frantic scramble ensues and Sadollah secures a fight-ending armbar to secure his spot in The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finals against Jesse Taylor.

“Rampage” and Dollaway both discuss their disappointment with the upset loss before the attention shifts back to Sadollah, who has a serious cut under his eye stitched up.

UFC President Dana White comments that Taylor needs to round out his game to take on Sadollah, who he feels will only improve before the finale. Taylor says that the feeling of being in the finals is going to “hit him tonight”.

After the taping of the show concludes White treats the fighters out to a night on the town but asks them to be respectful as Las Vegas is the promotion’s hometown. After the first night, four or five fighters stay an additional night and that is when trouble set in at the Palace Station hotel.

After the break it’s revealed that Jesse Taylor and a couple of other fighters returned to the hotel at 3am via limosine and once they arrived Taylor kicked out the limousine window, entered the hotel and “terrorized” female guests, then, when approached by hotel security, Taylor proclaimed “I’m a UFC fighter”.

White calls in the coaches and shows them the video and tells them of Taylor’s actions. Both are disappointed in Taylor and Rampage and White concur that he would not be a good representative of the show, the promotion, or the sport.

Taylor is called in by White and is rightfully torn-apart. White tells Taylor that his actions over the past two days were unacceptable and says though he is physically prepared to fight he is not mentally or emotionally prepared. White dismisses White from the finals and the promotion and Taylor tearfully discusses his departure from the show and blowing the biggest shot of his career.

Griffin says he likes Taylor as a fighter and a person but that he isn’t in a position to pass judgment as he isn’t perfect and has made mistakes in the past.

The focus quickly shifts to who will replace Taylor in the finals and Dana White says they made the best decision they could on short notice. A plane is shown landing and both losing semi-finalists CB Dollaway and Tim Credeur arrive at the UFC facilities. Dana White and the coaches meet with the fighters and reveal that Taylor has been removed from the finals and that Dollaway and Credeur will fight one-another for the vacant finals spot.

Three weeks pass and Amir is called back by the UFC and news of Taylor’s departure and the bout between Credeur and Dollaway is delivered to the finalist by White.

After a brief glimpse of their backstage preparation CB and Tim enter the octagon to clash for second-chance semifinal.

They touch gloves and we’re underway. They trade big combinations to open up the fight. Dollaway connects. Tim counters with a flurry. More back-and-forth combinations. Leg kick by CB. Kick by Credeur misses and CB fires another leg kick that connects. More kicks by CB.  Overhand by Creduer starts another good combo. Body shots by Tim followed by a head kick that misses. Another hard combination by Tim followed by a body kick by CB. Credeur stuns Dollaway and he falls to the mat but they scramble and Dollaway ends up in Tim’s guard briefly before they both return to their feet. Both connect with hard striked then CB secures a takedown just before the end of the round. scores the round 10-9 Credeur.

They again touch gloves to start round two and Tim throws a head kick that misses. Dollaway shoots and they briefly go to the mat but are quickly back on their feet. Dollaway now misses on a head kick. CB lands a hard right that knocks Credeur to the mat. CB looks to move into guard but Tim keeps his distance with kicks. Tim pops back to his feet, eating a few punches in the process. CB returns to the he leg kicks then lands a good combination followed by a series of knees and punches that nearly finishes Credeur but he narrowly survives and counters with punches of his own. Tim connects with and extended series of punches to CB but Dollaway fight back with strikes of his own. Both continue to connect with sporadic combinations before CB successfully shoots for a takedown, landing in Credeur’s guard. They scramble but return to their original position and Tim controls Dollaway’s posture for the remainder of the round. scores the round 10-9 Dollaway.

CB connects with a solid combination to open the final round then tosses Credeur to the ground but he’s unable to keep him there and Tim returns to his feet. CB lands a kick to the body. Good body kick by Tim followed by more kicks by CB. Another hard leg kick by Credeur. Punches are missing but kicks are connecting earlier in round three. More body kicks by CB set up a takedown. Credeur controls Dollaway’s posture early, significantly limiting his effectiveness. He’s again able to scramble back to his feet. Tim connects with a high kick but CB again takes him to the mat. Credeur keeps his distance by carefully using well-placed kicks. He returns to his feet. Kick by CB is nearly caught. Tim lands a three-punch combination then CB shoots in and gets another takedown, again landing in Tim’s guard. The pair tussle on the ground, though nothing of note connects before the bout concludes. scores the round 10-9 Dollaway.

CB Dollaway defeats Tim Credeur via unanimous decision.

The Ultimate Fighter 7 tournament final is now, finally, set and it’s a rematch between Amir Sadollah and CB Dollaway.


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