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UK To Get More UFC by Years End

There are rumors circulating the internet from The Fight Network that the UFC is planning four more events in the UK before years end. Here’s part of the article:

“Industry buzz says the UFC is aiming to hold four UK events before the year is out, possibly in London and Dublin, in addition to the already scheduled Manchester and Belfast events.”

The Belfast event referred to is UFC 72 which is set for June 16th but from the wording of the article it appears that another UFC trip to Manchester has already been scheduled, although the date and name of the event have yet to surface. Machester hosted UFC 70 in April and as the event was hugely popular with a sold out attendance and large gate it appears Manchester has locked up a return trip. The unnamed Manchester event will likely be a UFC Fight Night.

The London event is currently rumored for the fall and no date has been rumored for the future Dublin event. The largest obstacle the UFC faces with its newfound European expansion is the timing of the events. When events are held in the UK they are taking place in the early afternoon in North America which is far from a lucrative timeslot. To cope the UFC has used tape delays to show the event which strain fans who have to stay offline all day to avoid potential spoilers.

In the future fan’s hopes are that the UFC will show the events twice on Spike, first when the fights are live and again at night in the better timeslot. It doesn’t appear we will be getting our wish anytime soon for live UK events but as UFC 72 draws near more should be known on how the UFC will handle the time difference.


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