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Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal Released from Strikeforce, Lawal Responds [Updated]

Muhammed "King Mo" LawalAs if the day could not get any worse for Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, it actually has, as he has been released from his contract with Strikeforce by UFC President Dana White. This comes following the announcement of his suspension and fine by the Nevada Athletic Commission. Following the announcement, Lawal went to Twitter to share his feelings on the move, which ended up causing his release from the organization. first reported the move, which came just hours after Lawal actually spoke out on his suspension. While he mentioned the trip to Las Vegas for his hearing was a waste of time, he did not seem angry about the decision.

However, on his twitter, Lawal was much more emotional. “I honestly feel like [Pat] Lundvall was a racist bitch asking me if I can read or speak English,” wrote Lawal. “Go on somewhere with that bulls*** bitch!!!”

Lawal clarified his original statement, stating “Its funny how people are trying say that I’m calling the commission racist. No!! They aren’t. But there was one person on the panel that was out of line with the question she asked me. I found it insulting, prejudice, and a little racist. I say racist from my past experiences, I have been asked that in the past as an insult.”

Because of these statements, White has decided to cut Lawal from the organization, which is run by Zuffa, which also owns the UFC. This comes just months after Miguel Torres was released from the UFC following a twitter post of his own. Torres was brought back by the organization just weeks after being released after publicly apologizing for the remark.

Earlier in the day, Lawal was suspended for nine months, fined $39,000, and had his victory over Lorenz Larkin in January overturned to a no-contest. Unfortunately for Lawal, that was not the worst news he was given today.

[UPDATE] Muhammed Lawal issued a statement to Bloody Elbow’s Stephie Daniels regarding the commission hearing and about being cut by Zuffa. [UPDATE]

On the commission hearing:

“I came in respectful. I apologized to them for my attire. I came in speaking English. When they asked the questions, I answered in a timely fashion. I felt I was disrespected by the woman’s comments. How are you going to ask a college educated, well-traveled man if he can speak or read English? I’m speaking English right in front of you and I’ve been speaking English right in front of you for the past 15 minutes.

I went there to tell my side of the story out of respect. I could have just stayed home, let the commission fine me and not made any effort, but I didn’t. I showed up there as a man to give my side of the story and take my punishment.”

On being cut from Zuffa LLC.:

“It is what it is. Of course, I want to fight for Strikeforce¬†and fight for Zuffa, but if they want to cut me for what I said, then I can’t take it back because it already happened. I have never been asked in such a condescending way if I could read or speak English like that. I did something wrong, so I can’t really say I’m being treated unfairly. I don’t know if it was excessive to cut me.

Right now, I just want people to understand that I went in there respectfully and that I’m not playing the race card. I’m too old to play the race card. I’m established on the West Coast now and since I’ve been out here, I haven’t experienced much racism. I’ve experienced some stereotypes and small prejudices here and there, but other than that, no, I haven’t experienced too much, compared to when I was in the South. The woman’s comments reminded me of times when I experienced racial insensitivity from other people.

Zuffa made a decision just off what was said on Twitter. I don’t know if they care about what happened. I’m pretty sure they didn’t hear any of the audio. They just made a decision off what went down on Twitter. I’m pretty sure Keith Kizer and certain people at the commission are mad and I didn’t mean any disrespect to Keith or the rest of the people in the commission. I just felt disrespected by that one person that asked if I could speak or read English.

To me, that was a blatant insult. Just listen to the audio. You’ll see.”


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