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The Allure of the Heavyweight Division

UFC President Dana WhiteOn May 26 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, the UFC will host an all-heavyweight main card at UFC 146. There will be a title fight and several bouts between the division’s top competitors.

The announcement of an all-heavyweight pay-per-view show set the mixed martial arts world a-buzz, much more so than would have an announcement of an all-bantamweight or all-middleweight fight card. At the press conference held to officially announce UFC 146, UFC president Dana White, along with six of the fighters competing at UFC 146, gave their best assessment as to why the heavyweight division provokes such interest.

Dana White: I think because the heavyweights bring that excitement of, you know, you’re probably gonna see a knockout. But, in this heavyweight show, there could be knockouts, there could be submissions, whatever. … The main heavyweight (fight) for the belt is a very, very exciting fight. And then, as you go right back down the card, you’ve got guys that are strikers, Frank Mir – obviously, pretty scary after his last win and what he was capable of doing – this isn’t your typical ‘allure of the heavyweights’ card. These guys can do anything.

Roy Nelson: I think if you just do percentages, we actually finish fights. It’s one of those things, everybody likes the home run ball in baseball and everybody likes a good dunk in NBA – we’re just the guys that you like to see us finish. It’s pretty much that simple.

Cain Velasquez: Yeah, just big guys that throw exciting fights. Showing that the big guys are athletic, with punches and kicks, that move around the ring really well, or the octagon. Just the power that these guys possess. Heavyweights, we’re known for a lot of power.

Junior dos Santos: Just heavyweights, too much power involved. And also, like Roy said, we finish fights. That’s why I’m here and I’m gonna prepared on the day of the fight to finish one more fight.

Alistair Overeem: I would say because the heavyweight division is the biggest and baddest of all divisions. Like the other guys said, a lot of knockouts, a lot of submissions, but basically because we’re the biggest and the baddest.

Frank Mir: Yeah, I think it kinda works on the fact that, when you see a 135lbs fighter fighting, he could be the baddest dude at 135 – or 145 and 155 – but I think that, a lot of people, when they’re watching the fights in the back of their mind they kind of feel that, ‘Yeah, but I’m 220. Even though he can fight, I can probably kick his ass.’ We’re the heavyweights. If you’re thinking that, you’re stupid.

Antonio Silva: Heavyweights always bring fantastic fights. Everybody on this podium today is a top notch fighter. And you’re gonna see some fantastic fights on May 26, it’s gonna be a good war.


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