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ONE FC: “War of the Lions” Live Results

And a good Saturday morning to you all!! This is the live results page for ONE FC: “War of the Lions”. The fighters are being brought in just like they would be at a DREAM show and introduced by former PRIDE announcer Lenne Hardt. Only downside (other than it’s early) is the feed is a little choppy. Let’s get to the results, shall we?

Richie Whitson vs Danny van Bergen

Good striking to begin the fight, but Richie, a member of Team Quest and a veteran of one season of TUF, goes for a takedown and gets it. Unfortunately, he ends up in a half-guillotine and van Bergen slickly scoots and catches an arm, remains patient, and gets the submission.
Danny van Bergen wins by armbar at 1:17 of Round 1.

Jiang Long Yun vs Yodsanan Sityodtong
Labelled as a battle of the best boxers China and Thailand have produced, and the announcers say that Yun is to have a good ground game. Yodsanan is a former WBC world title holder. Quick standing exchange that featured a semi-knockdown by Yodsanan, a brief foray into ground and pound and defended a leg lock. They stand back up, and Yun gets a huge slam and works his way into mount, back mount, then gets a technical submission.
Yun wins by technical submission at 4:28 of round 1.

Queck Kim Hock vs Major Overall
Overall is a late replacement. And yes, that is his real name. Kim is/was on the Singapore national boxing team and has a dubious grappling game. Nobody knows much about Overall, but the graphic says, “Comfortable on the ground.” Now you know. Matt Hume is reffing this fight. Good opening striking and good takedown defense by Kim. They end up on the ground and Kim displayed perfect heel hook defense. Imanari would have had it. The second round starts with a few leg kicks by Overall. Ground work and Kim ends up taking Overall’s back, but nothing comes out of it but a reversal. Overall goes for another takedown and doesn’t get it. Kim transitions to the back and this time, sinks in a rear naked choke, and gets the win.
Queck Kim Hock wins via rear naked choke at 3:18 of round 2.

Jeet Toshi vs Nicole Chua
Both of these ladies have strong kickboxing backgrounds. Chua is the first professional female MMA fighter from Singapore. This fight is occurring at 44 kilos. Wait a second. 44 kilos? That’s like 100 pounds. Goodness gracious. I have to say, Toshi does not look especially technical. Chua gets a takedown, moves to side control, mount, takes the back and sinks in the winning choke. It was a fight.
Nicole Chua wins by rear naked choke at 2:07 of round 1.

Masakazu Imanari vs Kevin Belingon
Imanari does not come out with his Helmet brand helmet. I’m disappointed already. The feed for the fight dropped out entirely for the fight, but evidently, Imanari went from heel hook to toe hold to something else to inverted heel hook. After the announcement, Imanari stood looking lost in the cage and yawned. That just kind of sums up the Imanari Experience.
Imanari wins by heel hook at 1:18 of round 1.

Eddie Ng vs Jian Kai Chee
In the pre-fight package, Eddie Ng said he would win by flying armbar or rolling kneebar. He also said it with a smirk, so take it as you will. Eddie Ng opens up with a flurry of punches and catches Chee with a right hand that drops him. Moves for a guillotine, but instead goes to mount and pounds out Jian Kai Chee. Very impressive, very brutal.
Eddie Ng wins by TKO at 0:48 of round 1.

Melvin Manhoef vs Yoshiyuki Nakanishi
Nakanishi is a SAMBO specialist who can evidently take a punch. That’s a good thing because he’s Melvin Manhoef, who comes out to some delicate classical music. I know the music, but haven’t been able to put a title to it. If I could, I’d ask my dad because the man can identify any piece after about fifteen seconds. This fight is occurring at 88 kilos (194lbs). Manhoef whistles a perfect head kick an inch past Nakanishi’s head. After a little clinch, he whistles another one that the announcers said gave Nakanishi a haircut. Manhoef has a gaping wound in his shin. Literally a gaping wound. Nakanishi has a big cut on his knee. The fight has been called a No Contest due to gaping wounds. Manhoef’s wound is 3-4 inches long and about an inch wide. It is seriously nasty. It’s a bit of a letdown to have the fight end this way, but in all honesty, probably the right decision.
Fight ruled a No Contest.

Yuya Shirai vs Fabricio Monteiro
Shirai is the current DEEP welterweight champion (DEEP still exists?) and is a judo/SAMBO specialist. Monteiro is a jiujitsu black belt. Good opening striking and kicks by Shirai. Nice hip throw by Shirai, but Monteiro gets back up. Shirai didn’t have arm control or that could have been over quick. Clinch work that results in nothing. Good opening round. Jason Chambers (one of the announcers) pointed out that a judoka in the clinch is really waiting for your center of balance to shift a little so he/she can send you flying. So while it doesn’t always look like much is going on, that’s what they are looking for. It’s a very good point. Monteiro comes out in the second round on fire. Big throw by Shirai only results in Monteiro taking his back, but he’s back up. Monteiro has looked phenomenal this round. Third round begins and it should be pointed out that the fights are scored on their totality, not round by round. Both guys come out strong and Monteiro gets a takedown that he doesn’t do much with. I’m being won over by Jason Chambers. He seems to understand the art or MMA and the individual arts. And he’s articulate, which always helps. Monteiro with elbows to the thigh in the clinch. Shirai looks exhausted. Monteiro and Shirai alternate Ali footwork. Monteiro with a big kick and a big right hand. I believe Monteiro won that fight. We’ll see what the judges think. This has been the best fight of the night so far in my opinion.
Fabricio Monteiro wins by Unanimous Decision.

Eduard Folayang vs Ole Laurson
Both of these men are very strong kickboxers so of course, Laurson almost gets a kimura. Laurson gets another trip in and goes for a rear naked choke but goes flying off the top. Folayang now takes the back and finally gets his hooks in, but he’s off center. Laurson now has his back standing. And he gets another trip. The two kickboxers finally stand again with 1:30 to go. Spinning back kick followed by spinning elbow by Folayang. Very very interesting first round. Left jab by Laurson knocks Folayang on his behind, but he gets too aggressive and goes for a flying knee and ends up on the bottom for his efforts. They stand up quickly, though. Folayang delivers some really good strikes including some really nasty body kicks that have taken a bit of starch out of Laurson. Both guys are starting to run out of steam, but Laurson is losing his faster than Folayang. The third round has been a lot of somewhat tired guys throwing one or two wild, strong punches and kicks that is entertaining. Laurson is really running out of gas and takes a bunch of really good strikes including a wicked high kick in the armpit area. The fight ends with Laurson on top throwing punches. Really tough fight to judge. I think Eduard was really strong for most of the fight. Laurson was strong in the first round and at the end. I have it for Eduard Folayang, but could see how judges would score it for Ole Laurson.
Ole Laurson wins by split decision. (There were some boos from the crowd when the decision was read)

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs Donald Sanchez
This fight really should be a bit of a walkover for Kawajiri. It shouldn’t be close, but as Matt Serra has shown, all it takes is one punch. Within the first minute, Kawajiri took Sanchez down, but is in guard. Sanchez doing a good job of throwing elbows and strikes, but Kawajiri has passed into side control. He’s looking to work to the arm triangle, but allows himself to get rolled and is in a loose triangle position that he tightens up and gets the submission. Total domination by Kawajiri.
Tatsuya Kawajiri wins by triangle choke at 3:32 of round 1.

Felipe Enomoto vs Zorobabel Moreira
Zoro comes out with some vicious kicks including a leg kick that almost sweeps Enomoto off his feet. Enomoto comes back into the fight with some really good body shots until Zoro delivers another sweeping leg kick and does some ground work that doesn’t ultimately end in anything. Enomoto with a good trip from the bottom to allow him to get back up. Zoro has been hyper aggressive and has looked really strong. Clinch work to start the second round and Enomoto delivers a couple nice elbows. Zoro really has been controlling the range and pace of this fight. His jab has been really good and really strong. Enomoto’s best weapon has been the inside leg kick. A vicious leg kick by Zoro leads into a strong takedown. Doing strong work until he does an illegal stomp on Enomoto and they are stood up. Enomoto’s corner yelled something at Zoro, but no one is sure what it was. Another nasty cut kick takes Enomoto down and takes his back. Zoro figure fours the body and transitions into a fantastic arm bar. Outstanding ground work by Moreira.
Zorobabel Moreira wins by armbar at 1:04 of round 3.

My personal awards for the event:
Fight of the Night: Laurson vs Folayang: Fantastic back and forth fight. Great action. Kind of trailed off at the end, but quite entertaining.
Submissions of the night: Imanari for that wonderful heel hook and Zorobabel Moreira for a very smooth armbar that came from out of left field.
Knockout of the Night: Eddie Ng. Even though it was the only (T)KO of the night, it was a really nice right hand and ground and pound transition.


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