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MMAFrenzy Tournament of Upsets Champion

We started with 32 of the biggest upsets in MMA history and now we are down to one. The final round saw the largest amount of votes in the tournament with nearly 700 voters to decide whether Matt Serra’s UFC 69 upset over Georges St-Pierre was bigger than Fabricio Werdum’s upset in Strikeforce over, the previously undefeated by anything more than a technicality, Fedor Emelianenko.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately depending on your view, we will crown our champion without having to see whichever travesty of a suit Craig Sager is donning or be subjected to a horribly outdated victory song. So which upset did you guys choose?

The winner of the MMAFrenzy Tournament of Upsets champion, with over 60% of the vote, is Matt Serra’s stunning upset of Georges St-Pierre. The win comes as no surprise as it was the number one seeded upset, but the bout did receive a stern test until finally gaining an insurmountable edge late.

Serra’s upset will forever be in remembered in MMA history as the prime example of someone having a “puncher’s chance” of winning fight despite the longest of odds. Serra went from becoming TUF 4: “The Comeback” champion, to shocking the world at UFC 69. Serra, plain and simple, was not supposed to win in a fight that realistically was only set as a gimmick to garner ratings for The Ultimate Fighter.

While Werdum’s submission win over Fedor was huge, Werdum has consistently proven to be a tier-one heavyweight. So while the victory was a surprise, it was at least foreseeable with Werdum’s level of skill and Fedor beginning to show his “cage age” after many vicious wars.

MMAFrenzy thanks you guys for all your votes and we hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did. You can check out a bracket here.


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