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Overeem’s Test Result Reveals a 14:1 T/E Ratio

Former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem tested positive with a 14:1 testosterone/epitestosterone ratio. The average male ratio being 1:1 with the maximum allowed by NSAC being 6:1, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) cuts off at 4:1. The ratio was confirmed by NSAC earlier today.

News first broke of Overeem’s failed test result yesterday. Overeem’s T/E level was originally reported as being over 10:1 but the final result was released today.

Overeem’s 14:1 ratio is a very high ratio, though it is a complete test result sheet would be needed to determine the cause of the test. While the level is very high, it was still less than Chael Sonnen’s 16.9:1 ratio at UFC 117.

While Overeem can still appeal to have a test on his B-sample, it seems likely that the former Strikeforce champion will likely be replaced on UFC 146. It is unlikely that a resolution will happen for at least few days according Ariel Helwani.


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