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Earlier this month reported the postponement of the Godz of War fight card which was to take place on June 21st in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fights that get postponed or canceled create many headaches for fans, fighters, and trainers, but they affect the young and upcoming fighters the most.

One fighter that was impacted by the postponement was Jason Nicholson, who is 5-3 as a professional fighter. Jason took the time out his training schedule for a quick interview with and discusses his fighting career and the Godz of War event.

Curtis Clontz: Thanks for giving us an inside look at the Godz of War fight that was cancelled as well as telling us about your self. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Jason Nicholson: My name is Jason Nicholson, I am 25 years old. I have two little girls one is 4 and the other is 9 months.

CC: Where are you from?

JN: Whiteville, NC

CC: What is your background in relation to the sport?

JN: I have a black belt in Joe Lewis Kickboxing, 3rd Degree in Tae Kwon Do, 3rd degree in American Karate and Champion MMA

CC: What did you do before you started MMA?

JN: I was a Correctional Officer with the NC dept. of Correction

CC: Where do you train?

JN: Champion MMA in Whiteville

CC: Tell us about your young MMA career.

JN: I am 5-3 as a professional fighter. The best fight I have been in was my last I fought Josh Robertson at Mayhem in the Cage. He is a real good ground guy, but I handled him on the ground the whole fight. I learned from this fight though, I had him in an armbar and he tapped, but the ref. didn’t see it. I let up and he reversed the position and made me tap. I learned a lot from that fight.

CC: You were on the Godz of War fight card that was recently cancelled, who was your opponent?

JN: This was going to be a rematch with Josh Robertson, that is why I was looking forward to it.

CC: To this date what is your opinion of the Global Fighting LLC and the Godz of War card?

JN: I think they will be a great company eventually, the only thing I have bad to say is that they didn’t let me know the fight was canceled until the Wed. before. I had to find out from other sources.

CC: What really was the cause of the cancellation?

JN: The fight was canceled because the big name fighters didn’t turn in there medicals on time. Fighters that have fought in the UFC, and it hurts fighters like me that are trying to get noticed.

CC: Is this something that the organization seen coming or was it a surprise?

JN: I am not sure, I would say they seen it coming because they keep on u about getting our stuff turned in on time. I don’t want to talk bad about other fighters, but most guys that have fought in the UFC think the commission will give them some slack. NC want play that though, they want to be know eventually as a MMA state.

CC: This was to be the inaugural fight in the Queen City of Charlotte. Do you feel that the delay will result in fewer people in the stands?

JN: It could go either way, I think that it will give them more time to get the word out about the event. In my opinion this will help the event. As long as they bring a good show the people will come. On the other hand UFC will be in Atlanta in Sept. and people might just want to drive to Atlanta and spend there money there. So it really just depends.

CC: When should we expect this card to finally happen? October 4, 2008

JN: NC isn’t known for its MMA yet, what can you tell us about the state of MMA in NC?

There are some really good fighters in NC, which just have not been noticed. You have promotions popping up everywhere now, but they are only in it to make quick money. They are not trying to help the fighters at all. That’s why I like Global they seem to care about the fighters they don’t want to tie you down to fight just for them, if you want to fight for someone elise go ahead as long as it don’t interfere with a global event.

What can you tell us about the governing body or regulating commission?

MMA in NC is regulated by the Boxing Authority. They set the rules and make sure that all the events are carried out as they are supposed to be. They check all fighter records and make sure you don’t have some one doing amateur and professional at the same time. They appoint all judges, referees and ALE Officer’s Supervise the event.

CC: I heard a rumor that you are looking for a new manager, is there anything specific you desire?
JN: I just want someone that don’t care what camp you come from. Just because I don’t train with the HIT Squad, ATT, Militech, doesn’t mean that I am not a good fighter. I want someone that is willing to work for the unknown fighter. In the long run it will help that manager because he showed the world a fighter that might of never got there with out there help.

CC: Do you currently have any sponsors?

JN: Omega Attire and Bodyshapers Gym and Fitness Center
I need some though, these two here have really looked out for me over the past year.

CC: If you could tell the world something about yourself, what would it be?

JN: I would tell them to keep a eye out for Jason “Da Pitbull” Nicholson, because one day you will see me in the UFC. I might have to get myself there, But I am going to make it. Thats is one thing I dont do, I dont give up. I know every fighter wants to make it to the UFC but most of them give up and I am not going to do it.

CC: If you had one chance to sit down with Dana White and make your bid to fight in their organization what would you say?

JN: Man that is a hard question. I would just tell Dana how it is. I have had to work hard for everything that I have. I have had to work hard for my fights. I have driven to Atlanta, Alabama, Florida and Virginia and by the time I paid for gas and Hotel I didn’t make any money. That is what I want to do and if doing this will get me in the UFC, then I will keep on doing it. i have traveled all over to get my training in just make sure that I am ready for my fights. I would even tell Dana that if I lose my fight in the UFC he didn’t have to pay me anything. That is how bad that I want to get there and show the world what I can do.

CC: Who has been the most influential person in your career?

JN: My ex-wife’s granddad. That man has been through so much but he don’t give up and he keeps on going. No matter what happens to him, it may slow him down just a little bit but he don’t give up.

CC: Jason thanks for stopping by and letting get the scoop on the Godz card from an insider, as well as telling us about you and your career.


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