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Phil Baroni Announces Drop To Welterweight, To Fight Jansen at Cage Rage 27

Phil BaroniCurrent EliteXC fighter and UFC veteran Phil Baroni (10-10) has announced that he will be dropping from the 185-pound middleweight division to the 170-pound welterweight division after losing three straight bouts to Frank Shamrock, Kala Hose, and Joey Villasenor:

“Im making the move because I want to be a World Champion. I dont fight for pay day’s or fame, to be on tv or chick’s. I got into MMA because I wanted to be the best fighter in the world. This is what I feel at this point in my career I need to do. Im feel Im a better fighter than Ive shown in the ring esp as of late.As far as the move to Welter Weight goes I feel great. Im more athletic. Im in much better condition, my hand speed is back, an I would go as far as to say Im alot quicker than I was at my previous best. I feel just as strong physicaly if not stronger do to much greater flexability. Im not going to make any predictions or promises. Ive been very humbled as of late. Ive been handed a real wake up call. Im going to give it my all 100% and do my best. Its Do or Die for me. Im All In! I love to fight. Im a real fighter, an like I said the day I dont think I can be a World Champion is the day Ill retire. Im not done yet, I have alot of fight left inside me. I have alot to prove to myself an alot of people to prove wrong.”

Baroni will make his debut at the new weight class on July 12th at Cage Rage 27 in London, England against Scott Jansen (3-2).


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