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Nick Diaz Unable to Garner Spot at April 24th NSAC Meeting

Nick DiazThe suspension and the saga that has followed with Nick Diaz continues to get more complicated, as Diaz and his legal support group wrote a letter to the Nevada Athletic Commission requesting a formal placement at a hearing scheduled for April 24th. Christopher Eccles, the Nevada Deputy Attorney General, declined that request, stating Diaz and his group have yet to provide a specific piece of evidence- Diaz’s medical marijuana license.

Following UFC 143 in February, where Diaz lost to Carlos Condit for the interim welterweight champion, Diaz failed a post-fight drug test, testing positve for marijuana metabolite. Ross Goodman, Diaz’s lawyer, defended his client by bringing up that Diaz is legally allowed to use the drug in his home state of California, due to his medical marijuana license. However, since Diaz’s group has yet to provide the commission with that information, Diaz’s case has yet to progress.

MMAJunkie first reported the news, while MMAAddict posted both Goodman’s letter to the Nevada Attorney General, along with the Attorney General’s response.

The NSAC will not include Diaz at the hearing on April 24th, instead deciding to wait to determine if Diaz and his defense group is able to provide the information needed for his case. The NSAC will still have quite a lengthy list of topics to discuss, though, as there are 36 cases scheduled on the agenda. The most notable case is the final one, as Alistair Overeem will present his case for a request to earn a license to fight at UFC 146, scheduled for May 25th.

Following the fight at UFC 143, Diaz stated his desire to retire from mixed martial arts competition. The suspension made it certain that he would not return to the Octagon for quite some time. Since then, Diaz has scheduled a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu super fight with Braulio Estima at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo in Long Beach, California on May 12th.



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