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Jon Jones to Rashad Evans: “I Can’t Wait to Knock You Out” (Video)

At this week’s UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans pre-fight press conference, it appeared as though the fight card’s main eventers had gotten over their supremely-hyped feud, which has been steeping for the past year.

No matter. Jones and Evans make for an intriguing style match up without any ill-will and their shared past as training partners is still an x-factor worth paying some mind to. Except that, maybe we shouldn’t mistake their docile behavior at the presser as an indication that there won’t be any heat going into this fight.

They may not be as wrapped up in it as they were when the situation was fresh, but Jones and Evans have made it clear that what they need to settle won’t be settled until they step into the cage. Being tired of dissecting their feud for the media doesn’t change that.

The above video, in which Jones tells Evans that he can’t wait to knock him out, was captured during a break between interviews, where the two were still connected through the same feed. Nothing fake there.

The two also showed some intensity during today’s weigh-ins, getting in each other’s faces and forcing Joe Silva to separate them. These are professional fighters who operate with tactics and strategy, so if you’re expecting a gutter brawl, you’ll probably be let down.  Still, don’t get lulled into thinking there isn’t anything personal left going into this fight. Both men will be out to prove something tomorrow night.


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