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Evan Tanner Has “Serious Health Problems”, Considering Retirement

Evan TannerIn his latest blog post on Spike TV, entitled “I’m Done, I’m Retiring”, former UFC middleweight champion Evan Tanner, who was defeated by Kendall Grove via split decision in the main event of The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale on Saturday, discusses his fighting future:

“Losing sucks. It’s been pretty tough the last couple of days. I’ve been keeping to myself. I haven’t felt like talking with anyone. I haven’t seen anything about the fight. I know I looked really bad. I don’t need to see it, or hear about it to know that. I’ve been having some serious health problems for a while now. They’ve caused me some problems in my daily life and have seriously affected my training. I obviously haven’t been the same guy in the ring.

I’m going to be taking a little time off to see a doctor. If we can’t get this health issue figured out, I’m done, I’m retiring. I don’t want to step back into the Octagon unless I’m 100%, and I can give the fans the type of fight they deserve to see.

I don’t see it coming to that though. Tomorrow I’m hopping on the bike, and riding up to Oregon to visit the good doctor. I’ve got a good feeling about things.”


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