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Dana White Unsure if He Can Continue Doing Business With Overeem

You probably already know that Alistair Overeem blew his shot at facing UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos at UFC 146 this May when he registered an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio on a surprise drug test.

You may not know that the Dutch heavyweight told the Nevada State Athletic Commission yesterday that his elevated ratio (14:1) was the result of an anti-inflammatory “mixture” administered by a controversial doctor that he injected into his body without first asking what was in it.

Though the NSAC fawned over the fighter and almost apologized for giving him a reduced suspension of nine months, many people think his excuse and his legal counsel’s presentation were a joke. UFC president Dana White is among that group.

“I wasn’t very optimistic about his chances (of getting licensed),” White told Jim Rome on his radio show today. “I didn’t think that things were gonna turn out very well for him. As expected. Nine months? Nine months isn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. I thought he’d get a year. Easily a year. Here’s the rules: if that’s the case, if he was on anti-inflammatory meds or whatever the deal is you’re supposed to disclose that to the commission before you get any drug tests. …

“Whatever medicine you’re on, you’re supposed to tell them before you test, not after you test. I’m not a fan. I’m not a fan at all. You’re not gonna hear me today on your radio show defending Alistair Overeem, believe me. I don’t know (if we’ll cut him or not), we’ll see what happens. We’ll see what happens, man.”

Considering all that Overeem has cost the UFC in his very short tenure with the promotion, White is wondering aloud whether or not the trouble he’s causing is worth keeping him on the roster.

“Before he went in there, he sat down in a lunch with me and my partners, looked us in the face and said, ‘I’m the most tested athlete in all of sports. They can test me whenever they want to.’ He flew in for the press conference, they tested him and now he’s on a nine-month suspension,” White said. “He claims that he was on anti-inflammatories, which he should have told them before he tested. I know he lied to me.

“I don’t like it. You know, you sit down and you have these guys that you do business with and you say, ‘Listen, be honest with me. What’s going on here? Let’s figure out how we can work together and how we can do business together.’ And if they’ll sit in front of you and lie to your face? I don’t know, not the kind of guys I want to do business with.”


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