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Quote: UFC ‘low-brow, ghetto-fabulous hooliganism’

Sorry for the light posting today. Got caught up in some work stuff but lucky for me nothing major happened today so it looks like I’m off the hook for the most part. On that note I wanted to pass along some notable quotes from an article that is causing a storm across the MMA world. It comes from CBS Sportsline writer Mike Freeman and it could be categorized as uneducated at best and blatantly ignorant at worse:

“Boxing is fighting for its life, and in some ways the largest obstacle to its rebirth is its greatest competitor — the worst league ever invented, the UFC. Which means it is good vs. evil, Halle Berry vs. Courtney Love, true sport against the mosh pit of sweat and bloodied skull fractures known as ultimate fighting.”

“De La Hoya and Mayweather can single-handedly save their sport from deteriorating into dust while simultaneously stopping the advance of the UFC barbarians at the gate, trying to destroy “boxing by polluting pay-per-view with their brand of low-brow, ghetto-fabulous hooliganism.”

“This is when boxing emerges from its great depression riding the shoulders of De La Hoya and finally strikes a blow to the caged ignorance that is mixed martial arts. It will happen.”

“Mixed martial arts will never be as good as boxing on its worst day. Many of the ultimates are nothing but thugs and ruffians. All that league has done is take a few former nightclub bouncers, knuckle crackers and parolees, put on some fancy TV graphics and told them, “Kick the other guy in the nuts.””

“The UFC has no credibility. UFC equals the Ultimate Farcical Clown league. And please do not wax poetic about the UFC’s popularity. Of course people watch the UFC. It’s human cockfighting. It appeals to the lowest common denominator of human existence.”

“…boxing has more charm in its broken pinky than the Ultimate Farcical Clown league does in its entire crappy organization.”

“No UFC goon has or ever will possess the grace and natural showmanship of De La Hoya or the true fearsome fighting skills of Mayweather.”

Has there ever been a more ignorant statement made in the history of the world? Anyone with even a hint of smarts could complete a search and at least read up about the sport they are bashing. Come on people? The UFC is here to stay and you can’t come to grips with it. UFC fights have the allure boxing doesn’t. I am nearly (empasize nearly) speechless on this topic.

For those who are interested (which I hope is most of you) you can contact the writer of the article via this link. Also, if anyone has any petitions regarding this incident (I’m sure they’re out there) please send me a link to them via our contact form. Band together UFC and MMA nation and put our differences aside. The UFC is here to stay. Lets show CBS what we think of their publishing of stories with incorrect and biased information who fuel the feud that has developed between boxing and MMA by spreading falsehoods.


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