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UFC on Fox 3 Play-By-Play

MMAFrenzy’s coverage of UFC on Fox 3 continues with our play-by-play of tonight’s main card. The card is headlined by a lightweight title eliminator between Nate Diaz and Jim Miller. Play-by-play coverage of tonight’s card begins with the start of the Fox broadcast at 8pm ET.

Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller

Rd. 1 – No touch of gloves and we’re off. Powerful legkick by Miller. Another legkick by Miller. Miller swings wildly but Diaz clinches and Miller reverses him into the cage. Miller misses a legsweep and lands a hard knee. Miller with a nasty elbow as Diaz tries to work free. Knee by Miller misses and he slips. Nice kick to the body by Diaz. Nice overhand right by Diaz but Miller controls the clinch. Off-balence body kick by Miller. Diaz wish a jab to the body. Nice 1-2 by Diaz and he gains the clinch against the cage. Punches to the body by Diaz and Miller reverses him against the cage. Miller drops to a single and Diaz goes for a switch. Diaz gains a front headlock and lands a nice knee. Hard body shots by Diaz and Miller escapes. Legkick by Miller. Diaz catches Miller with a beautiful straight left as Miller telegraphed a takedown. Diaz works to take Miller’s back but Miller reverses and takes Diaz’s back. Diaz is back up and Miller takes him down but Diaz sweeps him. Diaz finishes the round standing with a nice hammer fist. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Diaz.

Rd. 2 – Diaz uses the clinch well and lands some shots on Miller agains the cage. Big elbow from Miller as the fighters separate. Diaz grabs a body lock and lands a hard knee to the body. Fighters separate and a nice left by Diaz. Diaz starts taunting Miller and Miller responds with a flying knee. Diaz taunts him again and Miller grabs the clinch. Miller eats a hard right but lands one of his own as the fighters separate. Diaz grabs a front headlock and lands a hard knee. Miller immediately drops to a knee to keep Diaz from landing any more. Nice combo by Diaz as he taunts Miller. Miller with a takedown attempt and Diaz immediately sweeps with a power guillotine that forces Miller to tap.

Nate Diaz def. Jim Miller via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:09 of Round 2

Josh Koscheck vs. Johny Hendricks

Rd. 1 – Kos opens up with a front kick that misses. Hendricks slaps away a head kick attempt. Hendricks lands a left down the middle and seems to have been poked in the eye by Kos. Kos presses the advantage as Hendricks tries to recover and lands some powerful shots. Hendricks stops Kos with a shot of his own and lands a uppercut to hook combo and takes Kos down with double leg. Kos uses the fence to get up and Hendricks is thowing a ton of knees to Koschecks quad until the referee separates them. Strong left from Hendricks. Nice right by Kos. Hendricks with a missed outside single. Flurry by Kos and Hendricks answers with a hard shot that backs Kos off. Front kick to the body by Kos. Punch briefly wobbles Kos but he recovers. Hendricks throws another bomb. Spinning backfist attempt by Kos. Kick by Hendricks and the round ends. MMAFrenzy scores a tough round 10-9 Hendricks.

Rd. 2 – Hendricks clips Kos but Kos evades. Nice uppercut by Hendricks. Nice hook from Hendricks. Kos defends a takedown by going for a choke and Hendricks defends nicely as he escapes. Nice double by Hendricks.More knees to the thigh by Hendricks as Kos tries to escape. Fighters separate and Kos misses a big overhand right. Nice uppercut by Hendricks. Kos with a takedown attempt and Hendricks defends beautifully. Nice elbow by Kos. Kos narrowly defends a big left. Headkick by Kos misses. Big uppercut by Hendricks. Kos eye is swelling now. Nice right by Kos. headkick by Hendricks misses but a body kick lands hard. Hendricks with a single leg as the round ends but doesn’t finish. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 (20-18) Hendricks.

Rd. 3 – Hendricks rushes and lands a nice hook. Kos rushes and misses. Kos with a single to double takedown attempt that misses. Hendricks with knees and elbows as Kos keeps going for the takedown against the cage. Referee restarts them. Kos with a nice combo that connects solidly. Hendricks with a gorgeous shot and Kos counters. Hendricks rocks Kos again and looks for the finish but Kos recovers and clips Hendricks. Kos goes for the clinch but Hendricks controls it with a bodylock. Big knee by Hendricks as Kos looks for a takedown. Kos gets the takedown and gets to half-guard. Hendricks locks him down in the half guard and we’re at a stalemate. Kos with a few knees and momentarily has mount before Hendricks recovers half guard. Kos smothers Hendricks for the rest of the round. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Kos but the close fight to Hendricks (29-28).

Johny Hendricks def. Josh Koschek via split decision (29-28,28-29,29-28)

Rousimar Palhares vs. Alan Belcher

Rd. 1 – Dan Miraglotta is our referee tonight and we’re off. Front kick from Palhares misses. Palhares with a driving single but Belcher brilliantly counters by throwing legs and going for a twister/calf slicer. Belcher loses the twister and tries for a banana split, Belcher then goes back to the twister and escapes. Palhares defends well and eventually goes for a kneebar/heelhook combo and Belcher is defending well so far. Belcher explodes out and is now in Palhares guard. Palhares eats some massive elbows and Belcher is teeing off now. Dan Miraglotta dives in and Belcher is the winner.

Alan Belcher def. Rousimar Palhares via TKO (strikes) at 4:18 of Round 1

Pat Barry vs. Lavar Johnson

Rd. 1 – Fighters trade signature shots to get us started as Johnson with a haymaker and Barry with a legkick. Johnson clinches and forces Barry to the cage, Barry breaks and lands a massive head kick. Another nice leg kick and Johnson forces the clinch again. Big knees and uppercuts from Johnson are getting through and Barry shoots for a takedown, Johnson stops it but Barry sweeps to mount. Barry moves to side control and grabs an americana, it’s sloppy but it’s clearly hurting Johnson. Johnson finally muscles out but Barry keeps side control.Lavar fights up and Barry lands a massive legkick. Johnson rocks Barry and he’s teeing off on Barry against the cage. Barry is covering up as best as he can but a big knee from Johnson rocks him again and then a massive right uppercut to overhand hand left drops Barry and the referee immediately jumps in.

Lavar Johnson def. Pat Barry via TKO (strikes) at 4:38 of round 1

pictured: Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller via


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