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New York MMA Legislation Falls Short Despite Growing Support

It appears that New York MMA fans will have to wait yet another year for possible MMA legislation as the bill will not see the assembly floor again this year.

The New York Daily News reports the bill lacked the necessary support for the bill to reach the Assembly floor for a vote.

Multiple informal votes apparently took place during a closed session with early votes appearing but later votes apparently showed more support for MMA. Speaker Sheldon Silver stated he still felt the later votes, that appeared to more support for MMA, were closer due to multiple Assembly members who voiced their disapproval of MMA in private.

The Speaker did offer a glimmer of hope however stating:

“I think [support for MMA is] evolving, I don’t think two years ago it was a 50-50 proposition.”

UFC VP of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner voiced his displeasure with development believing that “if [MMA] had a vote on the floor of the Assembly we would win.”

The UFC has lobbied hard for MMA in the Empire State, sending multiple representatives to New York to lobby for support in the hopes that legislation would pass this year.


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