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The Ultimate Fighter 5: Episode 5 Recap

Ultimate Fighter 5 Cast

Spoiler Warning!

Continue reading only if you want to know the details and results from episode 5 of The Ultimate Fighter 5…

For all the hype we heard of this season being the best yet it has yet to show. We are 5 episodes in and not one fighter has impressed me enough. Maybe I don’t have an eye for the right talent for the UFC but I have yet to see one fighter who actually looks like their UFC material.

The episode is opened with the typical recap and a little bit of emotion shows of the faces of Penn and his team as they’re now 0-4. Noah Thomas was defeated on the second episode of the year but is getting worked hard including a near choke out. But the stuff that matters is up next.

Pulver rounds up both teams and is filling in for Dana White. Pulver’s team has control of the selection and Cory Hill calls out a very overweight Gabe Ruediger. After a staredown the drama of the episode stars as Ruediger has to drop around 20 pounts from the mid-170s to 155 for the bout. He just doesn’t seem concerned at this point as he literally walks and sits with towels over his head to try to drop 20 pounds. Not going to happen right? You’re correct.

After attempting to cut weight in the sauna and collapsing in the process Ruediger still sits more than 3 pounds over the limit and he is drained. There is no way he is getting down to weight in the next 2 hours before weigh ins so an ambulance is called to rehydrate Gabe and the weigh ins are called off and there is no fight tonight.

After returning to the house harsh words are shared by everyone as they all share their disappointment about Ruediger’s inability to cut weight. The harsh words were echoed by UFC president Dana White as he told Gabe he didn’t have the heart to be a UFC fighter and that he was off the competition and out of the house. With Ruediger out there is now another space for a fighter and White invites previously eliminated fighter Robert Emerson back into the competition.

Before the show ends Team Pulver decides on the next two bouts: Corey Hill vs. Robert Emerson and Joe Lauzon vs. Brian Geraghty

Team Penn
Gray Maynard
Matt Wima
Joe Lauzon
Rob Emerson (Reinstated)
Gabe Ruediger
Andy Wang
Noah Thomas
Allen Berube

Team Pulver
Corey Hill
Brian Geraghty
Wayne Weems
Marlon Sims
Manny Gamburyan (1-0)
Cole Miller (1-0)
Brandon Melendez (1-0)
Nate Diaz (1-0)


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