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Pre-UFC 86 Interview With Cole Miller

Cole MillerOn Saturday, July 5th, at UFC 86 in Las Vegas The Ultimate Fighter 5 cast member Cole Miller will face The Ultimate Fighter 2’s Jorge Gurgel in an undercard lightweight bout. Cole recently took some time out of his busy schedule for an exclusive interview with to discuss the upcoming fight.

Enjoy… Cole thanks again as always for the interview. How are things going for you?
Cole Miller: Things are going good, I feel better than ever before for this particular fight. You will be facing Jorge Gurgel at UFC 86. How is your training coming for that?
Cole Miller: Training is obviously wrapped up now, but I had a great camp and stayed injury free for this fight for the first time in a long time. Are you doing anything special to train for him?
Cole Miller: No, nothing special for him, although I did train a little bit more muay thai than usual because I respect his kicks a lot. Did you bring anyone into your camp to help you train for this fight?
Cole Miller: Not particularly, everyone at ATT has something to offer me to help me get better and I’m sure Jorge is going to be changing things constantly about his game so it’s good to spar with all kinds of different training partners because you never know what Jorge will do. What are your expectations of Gurgel in this fight?
Cole Miller: A hard fought 3 round fight that I can hopefully finish before the 3rd round is done. Do you feel that he thinks he is superior to you on the ground?
Cole Miller: I think he may know a bit more with how much experience he has over me in training and learning but I’m not sure if he is superior or not. I’m sure the levels are comparable. Where are you going to feel the most comfortable yourself in this fight?
Cole Miller: Nowhere in particular. I feel like this is one of those fights where he will bring out the best in me in all aspects. Once you get to where the fight is taking place, what type of training do you do and how do you do it? Sprints up and down the hotel hall ways and things like that?
Cole Miller: Nah this is the 2000’s. There’s gyms in all these hotels so if I want to do sprints and things I’ll get on a treadmill or a bike or something like that (laughs). Many may not know that you also do triathlons in your off time in conjunction with your training. How does that help you as an MMA fighter?
Cole Miller: This gives me the ability to compete on a different platform. I think it gives me a physical edge cardiovascularly and mentally to be able to do these. When you run these races how do you normally do?
Cole Miller: When I do sprints triathlons I usually place in the top 20 percent and am usually in the top 5 in my age group, however I just did a half ironman, 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run and I didn’t do so well for that but I only trained two weeks for it. Usually people train months specifically for these races. I just train my normal MMA training and do a little running, swimming, and biking here and there. What is your favorite part of the triathlon?
Cole Miller: The swim is my best, the run is a close second. I suck at the bike. Have you done an ironman yet?
Cole Miller: Nope just a half, I hope to do a full ironman in 2009. What a time to be a part of ATT. Your gym is looking incredible. What else can we expect from you guys?
Cole Miller: To kill everyone! Why do you think your team has done so well? Florida sun right?
Cole Miller: I think we have a solid coaching staff but most importantly the fighters there have no egos and it’s a real family atmosphere and everyone helps everyone else get better. Some questions from our readers. First up, GSP or Fitch?
Cole Miller: GSP, but it doesn’t matter. Thiago Alves will beat both of them. How would you feel about a shot at BJ Penn?
Cole Miller: At what? I think I’d wreck him…at ping pong. What do you think of EliteXC?
Cole Miller: I think its good for the sport of MMA as a whole and give a different platform for other MMA fighters to compete on. True or False – Anderson Silva is P4P the most bad ass dude on the planet.
Cole Miller: False. BJ Penn. Who is your 5th favorite fighter? That is right, 5th favorite.
Cole Miller: Murilo Bustamante Who is your favorite fighter?
Cole Miller: BJ Penn When you get hit hard, what goes through your head?
Cole Miller: Holy s*** I just got hit hard What exercise or training do you hate doing but have to do?
Cole Miller: Biking and lifting. What kind, if any, kind of supplements do you take?
Cole Miller: Simple things whey protein, muscle recovery stuff, daily vitamins, fish oil. Just stuff. If old school tournament rules were back in place with no weight divisions, how would you feel about fighting Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott, Royce Gracie, or Dan Severn in their prime?
Cole Miller: I’d be more than happy to do that. It’s my dream to fight REAL MMA. Put those rules in place now: How would you feel about facing off against Penn, GSP, Anderson Silva, Rampage, or Nog?
Cole Miller: I wouldn’t mind at all. Getting beat up doesn’t bother me, but I’d go in there and fight because that’s my job. Who, in the whole of MMA, is really the Ultimate Fighter?
Cole Miller: Forrest Griffin, BJ Penn, JZ Calvacante, Shogun , Royce Gracie, Sakuraba. If you were Dana for a day, what would be some things that you would change about the UFC?
Cole Miller: I would change the name to Cole Miller fighting ….Cole Miller Owns What are your thoughts on the Noons and Diaz drama?
Cole Miller: Who cares, Nick went in there to promote a fight and Noons and his whole crew reacted immaturely about it. Nick is going to whoop his ass. Lets play overrated, underrated… I am going to say a name, you tell me if you think they are for real or not so much. Fedor
Cole Miller: He is what they say he is Brock Lesnar
Cole Miller: Overrated Kim Couture
Cole Miller: Overrated Kimbo Slice
Cole Miller: Overrated Tito Ortiz
Cole Miller: Overrated Cole Miller
Cole Miller: Underrated Thanks again Cole. Best of luck in your upcoming fight.


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