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Nick Ring Stops Mugging, Helps Calgary Police Apprehend Assailants

While many men grow up wanting to be a hero, few ever get the opportunity. The same cannot be said about UFC middleweight Nick Ring, who ceased the moment and then some after stopping a mugging in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Ring recounted the story on MMA Junkie radio; “I was leaving Starbucks last night in Calgary, and I see a big group of wannabe gangster guys beating up a couple.” Ring immediately pulled his car over and yelled ‘What’s going here?” The group of assailants immediately broke and ran for the hills. Nick and another good samaritan took a moment to check on the young couple, who were badly cut, but upon realizing they were not seriously seriously injured, gave chase as they phoned the police.

“The Promise” was able to tackle one of the assailants and restrain him until the police arrived. While the rest of the gang ostensibly stayed close, they were eventually wrangled by the police. In end, seven of the ten were taken into custody.

Ring offered himself up for any further services to the police, including testimony and line-up selection.


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