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MMA Fighters/Personalities React to Bradley-Pacquiao Decision

UFC President Dana WhiteLast night in the boxing world, Manny Pacquiao was handed his first defeat in fifteen bouts. Not shocking in and of itself considering the renowned Filipino’s age and diverted attention, but upsetting to most because of how it all went down.

After twelve rounds of action, even Ray Charles could’ve told you that Pacquiao deserved to take the decision over Timothy Bradley, but only one of the judges at the MGM Grand saw it that way on the night. The other two judges scored the fight in Bradley’s favor, setting off a firestorm of people crying corruption.

As the two sports tend to intersect, there were plenty of personalities from the MMA world that voiced their opinions on the funny decision. From fighters to commentators to promoters, their words were all echoes of the same message: Pacquiao was robbed. (The following were all taken from the respective parties Twitter accounts).

UFC president Dana White

Nevada state athletic commission at its finest!!! You’ve for to be (expletive) kidding me!! that is disgusting Nevada state athletic commission!! Worst athletic commission in the country!!!!!!!!!

Joe Rogan

Holy s— that was a terrible decision in the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight. Someone committed a f—ing crime.

Mike Goldberg

Another great night for the UFC!

Eddie Bravo

Tom Cruise’s decision to bang cameron Diaz in vanilla sky was brilliant compared to the Pacman decision

Cesar Gracie

Pacquiao won that! Good to see the NSAC refs exposed as the incompetent idiots they are.

Renzo Gracie

Bob Arum won that fight!

Ronda Rousey

Dude after that bs …. Not sure I’ll ever pay to watch boxing again, just so blatantly wrong I’m repulsed

Chris Leben

Worst decision in the history of boxing

Jens Pulver

I’m still speechless. I mean REALLY right now? Decisions like that is exactly the reason boxing is dying and @ufc is exploding.

Daniel Cormier

That’s actually tragic. He won that fight. Man I know we complain about mma judging but my goodness. Worst decision I’ve ever seen.

Miguel Torres

PacMan got robbed, so the world is fair after all… Wait, no its not. What bulls—.

Hector Lombard

This is been the biggest robbery in history boxing. That’s why boxing is not going to go anywhere..


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