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Anderson Silva: Its Lyoto’s Belt

Anderson SilvaIt turns out that, contrary to popular belief, Anderson “The Spider” Silva has absolutely no desire to hang around the 205 pound weight class, and will likely be one and done with the light heavyweight division after his Ultimate Fight Night 14 bout with James Irvin on July 19th.

From Tatame (translated by

“I don’t have intention to fight on this category and I’m only doing this because they (UFC) asked me and I think I can do it. I don’t intend to fight for this belt, this belt belongs to Lyoto (Machida) and he already proved that. I’m going to fight because I like to fight and because I like challenges.”

Silva also spoke on a likely future match up with middleweight contender Yushin Okami:

“I will not confirm that, but I believe it is possible. He won all the fights he did so far and has earned the right to fight. We are still seeing what is it gonna be. I don’t know how the fight would be, its hard to tell. Its a hard fight, he is very versatile athlete, has many technical qualities and I think it would be a good fight, I would like it a lot.”

Personally, I couldn’t be happier to hear that Silva wishes to remain at 185 pounds. Why risk defeat elsewhere when you can cement a legacy in your own home? Perhaps my tune will change if Anderson picks apart James Irvin with extreme prejudice on the 19th, but I don’t see that happening.


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