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Quote of the Day: Brandon Vera “Wouldn’t Mind Staying At 205”

Brandon Vera“Everybody’s saying that my power looks and good and actually my kicks look faster and harder now. I was 212 (pounds) today at the end of practice … I think it’s working to an advantage. It’s making me hungry and meaner.

Talent-wise, man, the who’s who of 205 in the world is in the UFC right now. It’s ridiculous, it’s a whole long laundry list of who’s who. And the heavyweight division — you can pull, I think, maybe six guys out of the heavyweights. So yeah, I would say that 205 is way more stacked

I wouldn’t mind staying at 205. It’s all up to UFC in their grand scheme of things. We’ll see what’s going on and what they have in mind. “

Brandon Vera talks to about staying at light heavyweight beyond his upcoming debut at the new weight class against Reese Andy at UFC Fight Night 14 on July 19th.


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