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Live Notes From The UFC 148: Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen Press Conference

Ahead of this weekend’s momentous UFC 148 event, the first of two press conferences scheduled for fight week takes place today at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT, emanating live from Lagasse’s Stadium at Palazzo. The stars of the evening, UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and challenger Chael Sonnen, will meet one last time before hitting the scales on Friday afternoon.

The bombastic challenger from West Linn, Oregon has raised the ire of the otherwise respectful champion, who has now promised to injure his foe to the point of forcing him into retirement. With both men being given live microphones ahead of their rematch, today’s press conference seems promising to say the least.

MMA Frenzy will be updating its readers with live notes once the conference begins.


  •  Dana White runs down the list of Fight Week Events, thanks the crowd, and opens up the floor.
  •  Anderson is asked about having to be talked into the fight: “I’ll fight whoever is put in front of me, my opinion doesn’t matter.”
  • Sonnen on his smack talk: “I offer no apologies and if you aren’t willing to go too far, you shouldn’t be fighting.” Classic Chael.
  • Silva is asked about last week’s call: “Like I said, the time to talk is over”
  • Sonnen refers to Silva’s recent comments as the “parting words before his career’s funeral.”
  • Chael: “That offer (loser leaves town) was rescinded, Chael isn’t going anywhere.”
  • Silva on the move from Brazil to Vegas: “It doesn’t matter where I’m fighting, I respect all countries and they respect what I do.”
  • Silva on being outstruck by Chael in their first encounter: “He’ll have to be a magician to strike with me.”
  • Sonnen, once again, accuses Anderson of faking the he doesn’t speak English.
  • Soares objects to Sonnen’s accusations by asking “like the way you speak Portuguese?” Chael snidely says “With a $9.99 app on my iPhone.” Gets a pop from the audience.
  • A question about the injury in the last bout is posed to Anderson. Chael cuts off Soares and says “Don’t answer, Anderson, you have to keep pretending you don’t speak English.”
  • Sonnen: “No matter how I feel… when Bruce Buffer gets out of the way and the ref says ‘Fight,’ I will”
  • Silva: “I have to stay focused. People saying I’m the best isn’t a fact, it’s an opinion.”
  • White: “Even if Anderson loses, he’s 38 years old and he hasn’t lost a step. He’s the greatest fighter in history.”
  • Sonnen: “His record speaks for itself, he’s a durable fighter. He’s a great martial artist, but I’m a great athlete. …When the final bell rings, I will have one more win in my column.”
  • “The Spider” simply says “Nope,” when asked if he plans on retiring after the bout.
  • Silva: “I don’t have anything else to say other than, ‘He’s screwed.” The crowd responds with the old  schoolyard “OOOOOOH!”
  • Anderson: “I don’t believe Chael deserves a rematch, but I’m a UFC employee. If I have to go out there and beat his ass 10 more times, I will.”
  • Chael P. on the infamous “Medium Rare” quote: “I never used profanity to offend his family, but I don’t apologize for anything I’ve said. I don’t give a damn if it hurt his feelings.”
  • Silva on Chael’s comments: “We’re elite athletes and I don’t think we should be talking that way about each other. That being said, Chael tested positive for steroids, insulted an entire country, and was convicted of a crime. This guy is ridiculous.” Slyly contradicting himself to return the favor with a dagger of his own, I like it.
  • Anderson: “Chael was in a dominant position for 20 minutes and couldn’t win the fight. If I’m in dominant position for a few seconds, it’s done. I beat up a guy (Demian Maia) in Abu Dhabi, for 25 minutes, and he beat Chael in two minutes.”
  • Sonnen on the fight being moved from Brazil to Vegas, asked if he feels safer: “Have you read the local papers? Vegas isn’t exactly a safe haven.” Lots of laughs from the crowd.
  • “I’m here because I love what I do and the UFC has always treated me very well. We can’t forget the statements this guy made about one of the greatest athletes in American history, accusing him of steroids. Now Chael is on TRT, which is practically the same thing he’s accused Lance Armstrong of.” – Silva
  • Chael responds: “If I don’t take my medication, I will die. I’m not proud of that. Talk to commission because I’ve done everything I need to do to be legal.” Not sure that’s medically accurate, but okay.
  • Anderson: “At the end of the day this is a sporting event and I respect all of my opponents, even with everything he said. I’m a martial artist, I’m going to respect him after we fight because I was raised that way.”
  • Dana opens questions to the crowd, explicitly saying he will not be handing out tickets… because we all love when fans are given mic time with the elite level athletes to ask for tickets.
  • One man asks for tickets despite the previous warning, White immediately shuts him down.
  • Sonnen’s prediction: “I will put my head into his chest, push him against the cage, and beat him until he gives up or someone pulls me off.”
  • Anderson’s prediction: “I’m going to hit him. I’m going to hit him more. I’m going to hit him some more. He’ll try to grab me, but I’ll keep hitting him until it’s over. I believe it’s going to end in the first round.”
  • “If I win, I will automatically give Michael Bisping a rematch. He deserves it.” – Sonnen
  • Dana closes the session, allows fighters to face off.
  • Silva gets right into Chael’s face, Sonnen uses his shoulder to push Anderson off a tad, Anderson attempts to kiss him on the cheek. Dana White stands between both men as “The Spider” is held by security. It appeared Silva had no intention of attacking his opponent,  but looked to further get his point across.


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