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Phil Baroni Pulls A Mel Gibson

Phil BaroniIn what might be considered an homage to Mel Gibson’s infamous drunken tirades, Phil Baroni has reportedly taken to anti-semitic slurs himself, according to a Yahoo! Sports article which, among other things, brought Baroni’s mental state into question:

“Baroni is a bit of a whack job and we heard from an ESPNRadio1100 host who was seated near Baroni at the event, that he wasn’t exactly of right mind. Pauly Howard, the afternoon host at ESPNRadio1100, said Baroni’s state appeared altered as he went off on an anti-semitic rant during the event.”

From Pauly Howard on ESPNRadio1100:

“He (Baroni) was right next to me sitting on my right…there was a problem with where Baroni’s friends were sitting, he took issue with that and he repeatedly called the guy a fat jew, like ten times…Then the cops come over, and Baroni waves to the cop, and then they take a left and they go back to whatever they were doing…”

All class, that Phil Baroni.


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