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Mike Brown Opts Out of Retirement, Re-Signs With UFC

When an emotional Mike Thomas Brown stepped out of the cage after defeating Daniel Pineda at UFC 146, the former featherweight king had ostensibly left his fighting days behind him, announcing his retirement immediately after getting his hand raised.

Merely one month later, it seems the ATT product has had a change of heart. The former champion took to his website and wrote the following blog post:

“The last couple of years were kind of rough on me. I had lots of injuries and I was feeling fatigued during training and fights. When you feel like this it takes all the fun out of being in the cage. I was starting to think that was going to continue. Going in to the last fight with Pineda I was pretty certain that was going to be my last fight. I talked to my friends, family, and coaches. I told them how I was feeling and I told them I would make up my decision about retirement after the fight.

This fight felt different, I felt great and I felt no fatigue. I felt like I did when I won the belt in 2008/2009. I felt like I could of easily went 5 rounds and I had a lot of fun being out there. Last week I signed a new 5-fight deal with UFC and plan to continue on and finish up my new contract.”

While it unclear as to who he will face and when he will return to action, MTB continuing his career in the octagon is certainly promising for fans of the sport.


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