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In The Scrum: UFC 148 Silva Vs. Sonnen

In the UFC 148 post-fight press conference, Dana White spoke to various media outlets about some of the events of the night as well as various other topics.

The most surprising of which is the apparent 180º the UFC President made on Alistair Overeem. Until recently, White had been very outspoken about the fact that he’s “not an Overeem fan.” A recent meeting with the former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion seems to have changed his tune. “I think he’s a stud. I liked the meeting, liked what he had to say,” said White. “I saw him talking to Lorenzo and I went into my office and shut the door,” he proclaimed, showing his distaste for the Ducthman prior to that point. “He sat there and waited for me for 40 minutes. He came into my office like a man, I have nothing but respect for him now,” he continued.

While Dana remained mum as to the details of the meeting, his outlook on Overeem’s future with the promotion certainly seems rosier than just a few short weeks ago.

Notes from the media scrum:

  • Dana thinks Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin looked old.
  • Believes Chael’s talk didn’t sell the fight, their first fight did.
  • Offers a noncommittal “let’s see” to the possibility of Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones, which realistically has a slim chance of happening.
  • Next for Anderson Silva: mentions Lombard, Bisping, and Munoz as “in the mix”.
  • Silva-Sonnen II reminded Dana of Silva-Henderson at UFC 82.
  • The UFC still wants to try doing a stadium show in Brazil.
  • On Refs:  Bashes Steve Mazzagatti, says he’s always hoping he’s never assigned to a major fight. Calls Herb Dean the best referee in the business. Praises Yves Lavigne’s performance in the Silva-Sonnen fight.
  • White talks about the controversial decision in the Pacquiao-Bradley fight. Says “no one believes Bradley won, … horrible decisions happen in boxing and in the UFC.”
  • He feels Anderson’s popularity was taken to another level by last night’s performance.
  • Coaches for TUF Australia have been selected. He heads Down Under after UFC on Fuel TV 4 to film the first episode.
  • Hopes to keep Patrick Coté as the French commentator, not sure if he’ll fight in the UFC again, “He’ll be talking, not sure if he’ll be fighting.”
  • UFC 148 aired on a subscription based platform in Brazil, switched to free TV for an immediate replay.
  • Dana explains the poor performances at UFC 147 being due to the level of celebrity the fighters enjoy in Brazil. Refused to do interviews as a result.
  • He was most impressed by Cezar Ferreira and Sergio Moraes at UFC 147.
  • Dana has had a change of heart in relation to Alistair Overeem. (quotes above)


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