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Karo Parisyan: Too Talented To Train

Karo ParisyanUFC welterweight Karo Parisyan was kind enough to discuss what he thinks his weaknesses are in the fight game in a recent interview with Apparently, the man is just too good for his own good, if you will, but is thankfully looking to change his ways:

“My worst enemy has always been that I’ve been too talented to train, and now it’s catching up with me. I gotta start training or those guys will start catching up with me.”

Sure, that sounds dead on Karo. The problem is you’re too talented to train. That’s probably why Dana White called you his welterweight gatekeeper. Man, I sure hope those guys like Alves, Pierre, Fitch or Koshcheck don’t catch up to you any time soon, then you would really look foolish.

Parisyan also seems to be thinking quite a bit about a rematch with Alves, though he can’t really think about it:

“…Eventually I’ll fight Thiago on paper. In the rematch its going to be disturbing what I’m going to do to Thiago Alves. I promise to you, and I promise to everyone else it will be disturbing what I do to Thiago Alves. But its like I’ve never been stopped like that in a fight, never been robbed like that in a fight. At this point right now, I just have to think about my future fight. I can’t think about the fight with Alves, I can’t (think) that I wasn’t there mentally, that I was burnt out.

All this shit was going on inside my head, but I can’t think about any of that stuff. Thiago, he won on paper, he beat me, he beat Matt Hughes, he deserves it. He took the fight very serious and the best man won that day. But at this point I want to make an example of Yoshida and everyone else who’s going to stand in front of me until I can get my title shot and get my title.”

Any MMA fan can tell you that Karo Parisyan has legitimate and tested skills, absurd comments aside. But in my opinion the guy will always hit (or get hit by) a glass ceiling when it comes to breaking into that top 2 or 3 spot in the rankings. Parisyan has faced many solid opponents in his nine year career but has always come up short against the higher echelon of competition (enter St. Pierre, Sherk, Sanchez, Alves). I can see Karo remaining a top 10 or even top 5 contender for a good while, but I think he would have gotten his shot at the title by now if he really had it in him.  Then again, at only 25 years old, “The Heat” has a good chunk of time to prove me wrong.


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